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Triệu chứng tuổi già... Empty Triệu chứng tuổi già...

Post by Bún on Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:01 am

Đi tìm kiếm information để trị đau nhức,  ngừa ung thư, bảo vệ trí nhớ...

Từ nay ráng ăn & ngửi rosemary!
Uớp sườn cừu hoặc steak với rosemary, Thym, hành hương & muối tiêu nướng ăn rất ngon. Đặc biệt cừu sẽ không còn mùi hôi. My only way to eat lamb


Smelling Rosemary to Enhance Your Memory

Disclaimer: Tui chỉ là người đưa tin. Please don’t kill the messenger!

There was a study conducted on rosemary where groups of people were given rosemary essential oil. A total of 66 people participated in the study. They were randomly assigned to two rooms, one scented with rosemary and the other not scented. The results were remarkable: people had 60 to 75% chances of remembering things, compared with people who were not given rosemary essential oil!

Some Other Uses & Benefits Of Rosemary Essential Oil

-Arthritis treatment, anti-inflammatory
-Sooth the stomach and relieve pain from indigestion, menstrual cramps
-Rosemary infused oil removebad dandruff of hair loss
-Reducing anxiety, elevating mood
-Protects against DNA damage
-Improving circulation
-Detoxifying the liver
-Calming effects
-Pain relief
-Headache relief
-Skin tonic
-Hair tonic
-Digestion soother
-Immune booster
-Cancer prevention


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