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PRIDE của nguòi đàn bà

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PRIDE của nguòi đàn bà  Empty PRIDE của nguòi đàn bà

Post by TuTu on Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:29 am

@ Being vulnerable

You don’t want to show any signs of weakness. You don’t want to let your guard down completely because that means you can be taken advantage of. You don’t express how you feel because you might be judged
---> it is  OKAY  to  be vulnerable ...after all we are human being and we have go through tough time in our lives at some points . If you are in bad shape , talk to a friend / family members / confidents / or even counselors/therapist ....they will listen and help you out.  Bottom line, you cannot carry the burden for so long . It will beat you down ...your body will break down at some points mentally /physically/ emotionally . A STRONG  person will admit he/she has problem and ask for help.

@ Getting Help

Your marriage has been in trouble for a long time. You don’t communicate well, your sex life is crumbling, there may be some infidelity, you don’t get along and you damn near hate each other. Instead of investing in your marriage and getting some help, you will say, “I don’t need nobody else telling me anything about my relationship” when in reality it might be just what you and your marriage needs.

---> dónt let your pride get in your way to get the help you need . Just think what it is out there that can help me to get over this time or make some right choice for my life, my marriage, my children . After all, we are all deserved to be loved, to live the life we want to live , to enjoy life to the max and be the best you can be .  It is all in your hand . If you think you need help ,  go for it .

We women should listen and care for our inner feelings. If you dónt , nobody else can .Don't use any reasons to justified for being mistreated by your partners or any body else. You are worth it . Learn to be empowered , be wise to make right choices for your life.  After all it is YOUR LIFE  , who cares about gossiping ...all they do is blah blah blah ...and that's all they  dọ . Who should give a damn about them ? nobody !
What's wrong with being single ? what's wrong with being a divorcee ? and what's wrong with getting married to a short , bald guy that missed the front teeth ? or a real tall guy with a big stomach ? It is your life, your choice, your happiness ....

After all, please love yourselves because you are worth it !

( copy from online from some broken English gal who is a single mom ) PRIDE của nguòi đàn bà  2023431958

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PRIDE của nguòi đàn bà  Empty Re: PRIDE của nguòi đàn bà

Post by TuTu on Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:13 am

When your marriage is not working anymore , meaning no more communications , no love, no sparks ,...you might have found that you and him like 2 different polar , like mismatched pair of shoes .... you know you are miserable ...and if you think nothing left to work on and you want to get out from the marriage , just get out . Don't let pride get in the way of your decision. You divorce that person , not your children, same thing with him . If he is a loving father he will be a loving responsible father after the divorce . And if he hasn't been that way, he  will never be .  Why stay for the sake of children in this case ?

stigma about divorce , culture/ tradition ? who care about that nowadays ? gossipers , let them kiss your ass(set ). Do they pay for your rent or car payment ? just bunch of garbage Very Happy- online or off line PRIDE của nguòi đàn bà  2023431958


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