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BLM quậy tiếp viên hàng không trên máy bay

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BLM quậy tiếp viên hàng không trên máy bay Empty BLM quậy tiếp viên hàng không trên máy bay

Post by Biden on Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:01 am

Black woman argues with flight attendant and yells at her and passengers about "white privilege"
1:47 pm   September 11, 2020


A new viral video made from inside of the cabin of a plane now is circulating social media. The footage shows an African-American woman refuses to let a flight attendant pass in the aisle because of “white privilege.”

The nearly 6-minute long video begins with the flight attendant trying to get past the disturbed black female passenger repeatedly expressing her demand to go to the bathroom. Although, there was nobody behind the woman to prevent her from getting to the bathroom.

The woman in a bellicose mood then accuses the flight attendant of getting aggressive with her.

Another passenger, a white woman can be seen getting into in the argument. The black woman gets in her face telling, “Are you my boss?”

   “You are a white privilege, you are not my boss. Sit down,” she told the woman who was already sitting in her seat.

Still blocking the way, the woman goes on with the accusations saying that the flight attendant exercised her “white privilege.”

   “You don’t have privilege over me,” she says.

When the same passenger she argued with at the beginning tells her that she can go to the bathroom, the woman tells her to “shut up.” It’s still unclear what actually made her not to go there as the way was free, just turn your back. She probably had already tasted blood in arguing and accusing the white people.

Even when the flight attendant says she is going to call cops it doesn’t scare the woman. And then she calls herself a Queen.

   “I’m a Queen, California, she was from a black queen,” says the woman.

   “I need to get to my door,” repeats the flight attendant as the black woman continues to bicker.

   “You have white privilege and it’s not here, it’s over with, it’s 2020, wake up.”

By the moment the flight attendant did pass her by almost every passenger on board had already been armed with their cellphones, recording the encounter. But “the black Queen” seemed hard to be stopped from continuing. She is still not heading to the bathroom, possibly she’s got an iron bladder, instead, she returns to her initial opponent to to call her a narcissist.

Some of the passengers, among who there were black ones too, can be heard start laughing at the obnoxious woman.

   “I’m not a slave, I never came from Africa, I’m an indigenous person,” she tells the white female passenger. “Let me tell you the truth, I’m the Queen in this, motherf***r, you understand me?”

Then she makes a surprising claim saying that the white people are going to extinct because of their color, “so that’s why you are mad.” When she refers to Darwin's theory, the whole plane is laughing at her.

   “Only black people have the genes to procreate,” she claims.

A police officer can be seen walking the aisle toward the woman but the black “hate preacher” starts to complain to him about how tired she is of white privilege.

   “Be damned, bitch!” she says when the cop finally escorts her to the exit.

By the way, in the end, she never used the bathroom.  Laugh  BLM quậy tiếp viên hàng không trên máy bay 3507324239  Lol



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