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& 0 to^'n $$$ - da.o na\y Holland ddo*~ nhie^~m & tu*? vong

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Thumb up & 0 to^'n $$$ - da.o nay Holland ddo*~ nhie^~m & tu*? vong

Post by Holland:ChichNguaTuNguyen on Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:24 pm

Holland du*. ti'nh ~ tha'ng dda^\u 2021 se~ co' thuo^'c dde^? chi'ch ngu*\a cho 3,5 trie^.u ng\ Holland. ~ ng\ dda^\u tie^n ddu*o*.c chi'ch ngu*\a la\ ~ ng\ tre^n 60 tuo^?i, ~ ng\ dda(.c bie^.t bi. nguy hie^?m & ~ ng\ trong nga\nh y te^', cha(m so'c be^.nh nha^n & ng\ gia\ .



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