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Te^n khu\ng du\ng xe ho*i to^ng che^'t ng\

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Sad Te^n khung dung xe ho*i to^ng che^'t ng

Post by AmokOTrierGer Tue Dec 01, 2020 2:23 pm

Mo*'i 😭 2 tra^.n ta.i to^.i nghie^.p ~ na.n nha^n qua'. 1 Baby bi. gie^'t che^'t trong 4 ng\ bi. che^'t . 15 ng\ kha'c bi. thu*o*ng, 4 ng\ trong ddo' bi. thu*o*ng na(.ng la('m Te^n khu\ng du\ng xe ho*i to^ng che^'t ng\ 978502053


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Sad Ba('t te^n gie^'t ng

Post by BaiNayCoVideo Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:13 pm

Tha^'y xe ha('n du\ng dde^? to^ng ng\. Xe na\y ng\ quen ddu*a cho ha('n xu*? du.ng, 0 fa?i cu?a ha('n.



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Sad Te^n sa't nha^n ng ger 51 tuo^?i

Post by BiBatViToiCoSat Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:25 pm

Ha('n 0 co' nha\ cu*?a co^' ddi.nh tho*\i gian ga^\n dda^y, drang say ru*o* u khi gie^'t ng\.

6 ng\ bi. che^'t, trong ddo' co' Baby 7,5 tua^\n va\ cha be' 45 tuo^?i. Ba\ vo*. va\ con 1 1/2 tuo^?i bi. thu*o*ng ddang ddie^\u tri. trong be^.nh vie^.n.



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Sad Re: Te^n khu\ng du\ng xe ho*i to^ng che^'t ng\

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