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The^' he^. trung nie^n ger lo la('ng

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Money The^' he^. trung nie^n ger lo la('ng

Post by NoiLoDichCorona on Wed Dec 02, 2020 8:50 am

Vi\ di.ch ne^n tha^'t nghie^.p, gia?m gio*\ la\m, gia?m lu*o*ng, ra^'t nhie^\u ha~ng, tie^.m o*? Ger fa?i ddo'ng cu*?a vi~nh vie^~n hoa(.c ddo'ng nhie^\u chi nha'nh, ca('t gia?m hay sa tha?i nha^n vie^n. Song song the^' he^. na\y 0 co\n tin tu*o*?ng, muo^'n, hy. vo.ng va\o toa\n ca^\u ho'a nu*~a.



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