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2020 Freedom Index

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2020 Freedom Index Empty 2020 Freedom Index

Post by freedom house Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:25 pm

CountryTotal Score and StatusSort ascendingPolitical RightsCivil Liberties
Finland100 Free4060
Norway100 Free4060
Sweden100 Free4060
New Zealand99 Free4059
Netherlands98 Free4058
Uruguay98 Free4058
Canada98 Free4058
Australia97 Free4057
Ireland97 Free3958
Luxembourg97 Free3859
Denmark97 Free4057
Belgium96 Free3957
Japan96 Free4056
Portugal96 Free3957
Switzerland96 Free3957
Barbados95 Free3857
Slovenia95 Free3956
Estonia94 Free3856
Germany94 Free3955
Cyprus94 Free3856
Iceland94 Free3757
Taiwan94 Free3856
San Marino93 Free3855
Tuvalu93 Free3756
Austria93 Free3756
Marshall Islands93 Free3855
United Kingdom93 Free3954
Kiribati93 Free3756
Andorra93 Free3855
Chile93 Free3855
Dominica93 Free3756
Cabo Verde92 Free3854
Palau92 Free3755
Micronesia92 Free3755
St. Lucia91 Free3754
Costa Rica91 Free3853
The Bahamas91 Free3853
Czech Republic91 Free3655
St. Vincent and the Grenadines91 Free3655
France90 Free3852
Lithuania90 Free3852
Slovakia90 Free3753
Italy90 Free3654
Malta90 Free3555
Liechtenstein90 Free3357
Spain90 Free3753
Grenada89 Free3752
St. Kitts and Nevis89 Free3554
Latvia89 Free3752
Greece87 Free3750
Belize87 Free3453
Mauritius87 Free3750
Croatia85 Free3649
Antigua and Barbuda85 Free3352
Argentina84 Free3549
São Tomé and Príncipe84 Free3549
Mongolia84 Free3648
South Korea83 Free3350
Romania83 Free3548
Monaco83 Free2657
United States83 Free3251
Panama83 Free3548
Poland82 Free3448
Vanuatu82 Free3349
Trinidad and Tobago82 Free3349
Ghana82 Free3547
Samoa81 Free3051
Jamaica80 Free3446
Tonga79 Free3049
South Africa79 Free3346
Suriname79 Free3445
Solomon Islands79 Free3049
Northern Cyprus*78 Free2850
Bulgaria78 Free3345
Namibia77 Free3146
Seychelles77 Free3443
Nauru77 Free3443
Israel76 Free3343
Brazil74 Free3143
Guyana73 Free3043
Botswana72 Free2844
Timor-Leste72 Free3339
Tunisia71 Free3239
Senegal71 Partly Free2942
Peru71 Partly Free2942
Hungary69 Partly Free2643
Dominican Republic67 Partly Free2641
Ecuador67 Partly Free2740
India67 Partly Free3433
Albania66 Partly Free2739
Bolivia66 Partly Free2739
Malawi66 Partly Free2937
North Macedonia66 Partly Free2739
Paraguay65 Partly Free2837
Benin65 Partly Free2144
Colombia65 Partly Free2936
Sierra Leone65 Partly Free2837
Serbia64 Partly Free2242
Montenegro63 Partly Free2439
Lesotho63 Partly Free2736
El Salvador63 Partly Free3033
Papua New Guinea62 Partly Free2339
Mexico61 Partly Free2734
Bhutan61 Partly Free3031
Moldova61 Partly Free2635
Georgia60 Partly Free2337
Madagascar60 Partly Free2733
Liberia60 Partly Free2733
Fiji60 Partly Free2436
Ukraine60 Partly Free2634
Indonesia59 Partly Free3029
Philippines56 Partly Free2531
Nepal56 Partly Free2531
Sri Lanka56 Partly Free2333
Armenia55 Partly Free2233
Kosovo54 Partly Free2331
Burkina Faso54 Partly Free2331
Bosnia and Herzegovina53 Partly Free1934
Zambia52 Partly Free2032
Guatemala52 Partly Free2131
Hong Kong*52 Partly Free1537
Malaysia51 Partly Free2130
Niger48 Partly Free2028
Singapore48 Partly Free1929
Kenya48 Partly Free1929
The Gambia46 Partly Free2026
Nigeria45 Partly Free2124
Côte d'Ivoire44 Partly Free1628
Guinea-Bissau44 Partly Free1727
Honduras44 Partly Free1925
Lebanon43 Partly Free1330
Togo43 Partly Free1528
Mozambique43 Partly Free1429
Comoros42 Partly Free1626
Somaliland*42 Partly Free1824
Abkhazia*40 Partly Free1723
Maldives40 Partly Free1921
Bangladesh39 Partly Free1524
Guinea38 Partly Free1424
Morocco37 Partly Free1324
Pakistan37 Partly Free1522
Haiti37 Partly Free1522
Kuwait37 Partly Free1423
Nagorno-Karabakh*35 Partly Free1619
Mauritania35 Partly Free1421
Uganda34 Not Free1123
Jordan34 Not Free1123
Tanzania34 Partly Free1222
Mali33 Not Free924
Algeria32 Not Free1022
Turkey32 Not Free1616
Angola31 Not Free1021
Nicaragua30 Not Free1020
Thailand30 Not Free525
Iraq29 Not Free1613
Pakistani Kashmir*28 Not Free919
Zimbabwe28 Not Free1117
Brunei28 Not Free721
Kyrgyzstan28 Not Free424
Myanmar28 Not Free1315
Afghanistan27 Not Free1314
Indian Kashmir*27 Not Free720
Qatar25 Not Free718
West Bank*25 Not Free421
Djibouti24 Not Free519
Cambodia24 Not Free519
Kazakhstan23 Not Free518
Oman23 Not Free617
Gabon22 Not Free319
Ethiopia22 Not Free913
Rwanda21 Not Free813
Russia20 Not Free515
Republic of the Congo20 Not Free218
Democratic Republic of the Congo20 Not Free515
Transnistria*20 Not Free812
Eswatini19 Not Free118
Vietnam19 Not Free316
Egypt18 Not Free612
United Arab Emirates17 Not Free512
Chad17 Not Free314
Sudan17 Not Free215
Iran16 Not Free610
Cameroon16 Not Free79
Venezuela14 Not Free113
Burundi14 Not Free410
Laos13 Not Free211
Cuba13 Not Free112
Bahrain12 Not Free210
Gaza Strip*11 Not Free38
Uzbekistan11 Not Free29
Yemen11 Not Free110
Belarus11 Not Free29
South Ossetia*10 Not Free28
Azerbaijan10 Not Free28
China9 Not Free-211
Libya9 Not Free18
Central African Republic9 Not Free36
Tajikistan8 Not Free08
Somalia7 Not Free16
Saudi Arabia7 Not Free16
Crimea*7 Not Free-29
Equatorial Guinea5 Not Free05
Western Sahara*4 Not Free-37
Eastern Donbas*4 Not Free-15
North Korea3 Not Free03
South Sudan2 Not Free-24
Eritrea2 Not Free11
Turkmenistan2 Not Free02
Syria1 Not Free-34
Tibet*1 Not Free-23

freedom house

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2020 Freedom Index Empty OGuWaUGrvd

Post by VN số 1 Thu Mar 25, 2021 5:50 pm

VN cũng hơn được mấy chục nuớc Very Happy

VN số 1

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