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Travel Hãy sống lạc quan yêu đời vì Nhiều người còn khổ hơn mình

Post by Torpedo Fri Oct 29, 2021 11:55 am

A post from nextdoor app
I am a struggling mom of 4. With 3 special needs with visual and mental delays and a 16 year old son. My other sons are 12 and 13. My daughter is legally 18 but mentally the age of about 9 or 10. Just recently she was diagnosed with autism and mutism along with her previous diagnoses. I know I reached out last year looking for help, this year wasn't supposed to go this way. Things were on the way to getting back on track. Due to my husbands accident last year with the possibility of needing surgery for his knee injury, more medical diagnosis on my daughter and still struggling to adjust with the sudden vision loss in my 13 year old son and the youngest dealing with blindness and glaucoma in both of his eyes and coloboma.
I have to take my youngest and the middle son to eye specialist appointments at Emory quite often along with each of their pediatric eye doctors that right now it is almost impossible for me to keep employment anywhere. I have been putting in applications at all the work from home jobs I come across or told about. I've landed a few interviews but it hasn't gone further than that. My guess is because of the hectic doctor appointments I can not miss for my children. I have been trying so hard and I know God has a plan and everything will work out in His time.
I've reached out to a few organizations that help with Christmas but we get turned down because of their ages. Even after explaining the situation with my daughter.
Does anyone know of any other organizations that help with special needs for Christmas assistance? I have reached out to Toys For Tots, Salvation Army, The Angel Tree and a few churches that are already full and not taking in applications anymore and some other places I can't recall off hand.
My heart breaks at the thought of them waking up Christmas morning with nothing under our tree. They understand the true meaning of Christmas, they know this is about Jesus coming to Earth to save us. Please keep my children and family in your prayers, we could really use them. I pray there will be no more medical diagnoses and we continue to overcome and grow stronger in every way possible.
They know it is not about the gifts or the presents under the tree but they are still kids and they truly are so caring and loving and I pray our situation changes for the better and we can get some help.
I can show proof of any of the medical issues, diagnoses, doctor appointments. My Husband has been able to get back to work full time but we don't have enough money to buy anything after our rent, bills and food each month. All 4 of the kids desperately need clothes and shoes and we would be truly blessed if we could some how come up with at least 1 gift they want for each of them.
I will also be more than happy to help anyone with anything they may need done, cleaning, organizing, babysitting, anything at all. I just want to be able to come up with a little bit to be able to buy them something for Christmas.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I can answer any questions and I'm so embarrassed to even have to make this post, please be kind. This isn't how I planned it to go and I'm just trying to help my children have a CHRISTmas. That is all I want. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Prayers to all of you 🙏 I love you


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