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Con nít thật thà

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LOL Con nít thật thà

Post by 8DonCo Thu Dec 02, 2021 1:51 pm

Nghe trên radio ông kia phỏng vấn thằng nhóc 7t


Interviewer: What do you think about your mom ?

Boy: She is annoyed 

Interviewer: Why ?

Boy: She yells me all the time 

Interviewer: Why does she yell at you ?

Boy: She wants me to do homework,  no game

Interviewer: It's good for you

Boy: ya, she wants me to be a good boy

Interviewer: she's right, so what do you want? 

Boy: I wish she has a boyfriend 

Interviewer: Why do you want she has boyfriend? 

Boy: So she doesn't have time to yell at me

Con nít thật thà C7f64202b0357f04c779d805f437c5fc

Con nít thật thà JQrjmZ


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LOL Re: Con nít thật thà

Post by LoveStory08 Thu Dec 02, 2021 1:54 pm

Smart kid! Very Happy


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