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RTX 2080 SUPER Graphics Card is definitely superb

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RTX 2080 SUPER Graphics Card is definitely superb Empty RTX 2080 SUPER Graphics Card is definitely superb

Post by remaboa Mon Sep 19, 2022 8:36 pm

RTX 2080 SUPER is highly recommended, but not for ordinary gamers. But for enthusiast who really care about performance.

Coming with 8GB GDDR6 memory, the performance on the paper must not really become a problem for this video card.

Definitely if you want to play games and ensure that no lags is found, plus if you don't care about pricing, then it's worth to look at as best choice.

It is part from 2080 series, which means you can also find RTX 2060 and also RTX 2080 ti which was released one year before.

Apparently the Super edition is the cheap version from RTX 2080 Ti, where the difference in performance can reach about 12 percent, and with the standard RTX 2080, it's slightly stronger with 5 percent.

Interestingly this gpu is also stronger than RTX 3060 non Ti.

Maybe it's not fair to use Just Cause 4 as the games to test this card, since RTX 3060 can easily reach above 100 fps with high settings (1080p).

Now let's try with a heavier games like AC Odyssey released in 2018. Now the card can still perform well with fps above 60 points. The similar result also comes with Cyberpunk where many video card struggle to run it but not with RTX 2080 Super.

So get Graphics Card for you now


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