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Đọc thấy hay hay

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Post by TuTu Fri Oct 07, 2022 8:41 am

{I learned a lesson in the Starbucks line; a lesson I’ve learned to apply. When you’re filling life’s cup for the daily routine, always leave room for the cream. It’s the “cream” of life that takes off the bitter edge. It’s the “cream” that softens the blow. It’s the “cream” that adds richness to an ordinary blend.

“Cream” re-colors the blackest daily grind. When your cup is too full and your schedule too busy, the meaning of life is easily lost. When there’s no room for laughter, there’s no room for living. When daily joys are pushed out by pressure, you’re heading for a spill.

Leave room every day for the simplest of pleasures; a quiet thanksgiving; a memory that brings a smile; a crimson sunrise; a morning cup of your favorite brew; a child’s hug; a tender embrace; a hopeful thought; a thoughtful word; time in the Scriptures; a whispered prayer; genuine laughter; genuine love; misty-eyed gratitude; remembered priorities. Schedules, deadlines, quotas, and career devour our time without remorse. Success leaves us empty and rewards demand more. There’s always more trouble waiting at tomorrow’s door.}

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Happy Friday !


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Post by LoveStory08 Sun Oct 09, 2022 1:49 pm

Very nice! The cream is what make the coffee Very Happy


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