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Ba Na Hills Travel Experience 2020

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Ba Na Hills Travel Experience 2020 Empty Ba Na Hills Travel Experience 2020

Post by qtrungvmn Mon Feb 24, 2020 3:17 am

Ba Na Hills Travel Experience 2020
Ba Na has many world records that always build works & attractions that are extremely attractive and new. Traveling to Ba Na, you will feel the weather 4 separate seasons in the same day. As bright as the early spring sunshine, the cool weather from the misty mist surrounds the body, the sunny midday sun covers all areas but is still relatively cool, the cool afternoon is like autumn, and at night it will be se. cold as winter. This is a very interesting thing not always when you travel to Da Nang and come to Ba Na Hills …

Ba Na Hills is 35km southwest of Danang City, located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level so the climate is extremely cool, such as the 2nd Dalat.

It owns many beautiful and rare flowers in Ba Na Flower Garden, they definitely make you overwhelmed. People still think of Ba Na Hills as “Road to Tien Canh” is not wrong, when traveling to Ba Na, you will be standing on the white clouds, a dim space like the place where the first scene is … After all, it is also the home of the second Linh Ung Pagoda, the most famous tourist in Da Nang – Ba Na Hill is a spiritual destination You must not miss it!

Traveling to Ba Na Hills at what time?

In fact, you can come to Ba Na Hills at any time of the year but with the best travel experience in Ba Na is from March to September, because at this time Danang has less rain. The weather is nice, clear, and convenient for travel and take pictures!

December or January is also a relatively convenient time to visit Ba Na Hills. If you arrive in September until November, be careful and prepare mentally … see the rain! April to August is the peak tourist season in Ba Na Hills, so if you are a busy person, you can choose this time.

In short, Ba Na Hills is one of the rare entertainment areas in Vietnam that you visit every month of the year and have something to see. Get ready for a beautiful and energetic dress to join Friends and rock to the wharf in Ba Na Hills! This is the Ba Na travel experience that surely you always need when you are about to travel to Da Nang to visit this place.

Traveling by Ba Na Hill by any means?

Ba Na Hills is 35km from the center of Da Nang, the road is now very nice and convenient so you can move in many different forms. The most useful vehicles to travel in Ba Na include: Cars, Private Car, motorbike …

+ CAR: You can choose to take a taxi, grab or rent a car with a driver, even renting a car. But with taxis is usually the most expensive because the price of taxis in Danang is among the highest in the country, so if you take a taxi, remember to bargain the whole package, don’t count in kilometers. Price for one way from Da Nang to Ba Na with shuttle bus (manned), 2-way package price is also only at 650k for 4-seat car.

+ Private CAR: The most optimal means for you is to use a private car why? Private Car is always the best choice for you, although the price may be a bit different, but in return you have a lot more gadgets and more active time. Get on-site, waiting for a driver, carrying a suitcase and maybe even a little introduction to the place you want to visit. Will not waste the money you spend to rent a Private Car.

Price list of Private Car to Ba Na Hills from Danang, Hoi An.
Schedule Sedan
Max (3 Pax – 2 Baggages)

MiniVanMax (4 Pax – 3 Baggages) VanMax (8 Pax – 6 Baggages)
Danang to Ba Na Hills 1,150,000 1,300,000 1,500,000
Hoi An to Ba Na Hills 1,320,000 1,430,000 1,550,000
+ MOTORCYCLE: This is a convenient, economical and suitable way for young people, or those who are car sick. Traveling Bana Hills by motorbike is also a lot of interesting things to try. But people should note to start early, and carefully study the way. Should ask the hotel or contact the hotline directly to ask about the cable car reservation in advance, but the low season is okay, the peak season, waiting in line to get tickets is tired enough for both people, take time too.

Collection of 10 tourist attractions in Ba Na Hills

1. Sightseeing on the cable car when Traveling Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hill Travel Experience 2020
Cable car in Ba Na Hills
From a height of more than 1 thousand meters, when the cable car to the top of the mountain you can experience and view the whole vast space of Ba Na as a picture perfect with clouds, mountains and majestic waterfalls below. Then when you reach a certain height, have favorable weather, the cable car also goes through the clouds, When you admire the moments of Ba Na cable car, you will feel like you are lost in the place. So fairy.

2. Ba Na Hills tour to visit the Golden Bridge

In the first few days of June 2018, most netizens are young people who love to check in and take photos of the whole travel community with the first images revealed about the GOLDEN BRIDGE tree, a new project opened to welcome guests. Sightseeing at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Da Nang does not lack a place to play, but makes you have to see the letter O mouth and the letter A is definitely the newly launched bridge. The “Golden Handsome Bridge” has opened the door to welcome visitors, what are you waiting for without coming to Ba Na Hills to make an album that does not match the travel team in any other places.

The location of Ba Na Tourism at an altitude of 1414 meters above sea level, the Golden Bridge is extremely impressive, drawing an enchanting curve in the middle of the sky, nearly 150 meters long. The Golden Hand Bridge becomes a new place to live in VIRTUE by the wonderful experience of walking on the clouds.

Now the attraction of the Golden Bridge on BA Na HILL is increasing, not only in Vietnam but also attracting much attention from international netizens. After how many architectures look similar to each other, Ba Na Hills unexpectedly creates a unique highlight floating in the sky. A new and impressive building deserves to be listed in the newest virtual places not to be missed in Danang. And the Golden Bridge is a must-visit place when you come here. Ba Na Hills Travel Experience 2020, I recommend you to come and experience the feeling of walking in midair and touching the clouds!

3. Ba Na Hill tourism to visit the second Linh Ung Pagoda

Next to the temple is a 27m-tall statue of Sakyamuni Buddha carved exquisitely carved with reliefs, recreating the life of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. This Linh Ung Pagoda on Ba Na Hills is probably the largest temple in Vietnam.

4. Traveling to Ba Na Hill to experience the Climbing Train

From Debay station, before visiting the ancient Debay wine cellar, Le Jardin d’amour flower garden and Linh Ung Pagoda, visitors will have a short trip on Garaventa TRAIN OF Garaventa (Switzerland)

The vessel has a capacity of 80 people / cabin moving through a cable line of over 400m, reaching a speed of 5m / s and a capacity of operating 1600 passengers / 1h. Running between immense slopes and climbing trains will bring new and unique feelings only when traveling to Ba Na Hills

5. Travel to Ba Na Hill to visit Le Jardin d’amour Flower Garden

When traveling to Ba Na Hill, I recommend going to the right side when coming here. You will see a white sea of MEL surrounding the Ba Na Tourism Area. If you stand there and take pictures, it feels like you are in heaven.

6. Tourism Ba Na Hills gets lost in Debay Wine Cellar

There are many people who ask for experience to buy FRANCE ALCOHOL on the Ba Na Hills area because the wine on here is so many and rich. With experience many times enjoying sipping the fragrant wine glasses on Ba Na, I find the wine on here is very standard. You just need to buy something to buy or drink as a gift.

7. Tourism Ba Na Hill lost in the middle of the French Village

Coming to VILLA AREA on the top of Ba Na HILL you will admire a complex of architectural works inspired by France. Unique design resembles a miniature PARIS capital with a lot of mesmerizing modern architecture, this place with scenes that are both CLASSIC and MODERN make you admire and be captivated. When traveling to Ba Na, I feel that VILLA is considered a square meter of dozens of virtual photos. Please invite your comrades to come to drop all kinds of checkins on this station.

8. Travel to Ba Na Hill to admire the Wax Museum Area

Go into FANTASY PARK, then the wax museum on your left will enter. This is the place to display the largest model of WAX image in Vietnam with statues identical to the famous people in the world.

Created by the skillful hands of artisans from Italy to create statues that look like people. So when you come here sometimes you may be startled when you are next to the STATUE that just pretend to be REAL people and scream happy.

9. Play hard with the Fantasy Park amusement park when traveling to Ba Na Hill

Don’t know how you are, but for me who has lost money to travel to Ba Na Hill, I have to give my all to this amusement park. A play area with all genres from gentle to creepy, from happy to scared …

There are so many people in Fantasy Park and almost all of the games are FREE. Except for the WINNING games, you have to buy XU to participate. Should spend about 1 hour to do my best and all the games that I feel are appropriate and relieve all sadness in the past few days.

There are also many amusement parks, games for children or 4D, 5D cinemas for young people who like to watch movies.

10. Experience in conquering Ba Na Hill peak on Nui Chua

The highest place of Ba Na HILLs is the floor. This is probably the place you want to go to see all the Ba Na Hill attractions. Standing on the top of Lau Chuong, you will admire the whole beautiful scenery of Ba Na at noon when the fog no longer exists.

When you go to Ba Na, I recommend going up here about 11pm. Because up a little bit slowly, people are crowded, so you can not go up to capture the panoramic view of Ba Na Hills comfortably. And if the weather is good, you can even see the Son Tra Peninsula.
Website: https://privatecartransferhoian.com/ba-na-hills-travel-experience-2020/


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