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Post by 8DonCo Fri Apr 09, 2021 12:32 pm

Chẳng biết tiếng Pháp ở Quebec ra sao mà ông này người Pháp mà failed tiếng Pháp , funny  Laugh

MONTREAL -- After a French man—from France—failed Quebec’s official French test, the province says it’s working on adjusting its testing for tradespeople.
Yohan Flaman, 39, said he was flabbergasted when he failed, in his first attempt at the immigration test, to prove proficiency in his own mother tongue.
“Voila, I flunked, I flunked my test. It happens to everyone, to flunk a test,” he told CTV News.

“But I'm sure that for those who aren’t French, it’s difficult, no?”
He found certain questions “misleading,” he explained, suggesting the province might want to ease up a bit with the timed exam.

“I can't understand how a Mexican, someone who comes from Mexico and who has never spoken French, could pass the test,” he said.

Flaman, a long-haul truck driver, later did pass. But his story, first reported by Le Devoir this week, has gotten picked up by media across Canada and even some international outlets.

On Wednesday, Quebec’s immigration department—officially named the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration—said it is rethinking how it approaches people working in various fields.

“Keeping in mind how difficult it can be to assess the level of French needed according to the candidate’s socio-professional profile, the [ministry] is currently carrying out work” on a set of “profiles” of the French needed for different trades and professions, spokesperson Arianne Méthot told CTV.
In other words, the province is looking at tailoring its language requirements to the jobs its potential immigrants want to do in Quebec.

“This reference guide will make it possible to identify minimum skill thresholds according to the person’s professional profile and to the specific requirements of the targeted employment, both oral and written,” wrote Méthot.

Flaman, who has been living with his Canadian now-wife in the Quebec region of Beauce for the last three years, said the idea sounded solid to him.
“If the [province] is doing things that are good for people who are immigrating and that can help them, I think it’s good,” he said.

Quebec’s immigration minister, Nadine Girault, has been following his case and “is sensitive to” it, according to a statement from her office.
“Rest assured that we are currently evaluating how to improve the methods of showing mastery of French and better meeting the needs of immigrants,” it said.

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Quebecois French Empty Re: Quebecois French

Post by Tu* Khoai Fri Apr 09, 2021 2:41 pm

Tiếng Pháp ở Quebec là tiếng Pháp thời Nã Phá Luân (Napoleon's era). Tiếng pháp của người Pháp bây giờ khác là phải rồi .

Thí dụ như người Việt Hải Ngoại mà về Việt Nam thi tiếng Việt của "Việt cộng" thì dĩ nhiên sẽ Fail tiếng Việt của Việt Cộng của ngày hôm nay .




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