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Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật .

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Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật . Empty Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật .

Post by TuTu Wed Aug 11, 2021 11:48 pm

He Hired 2 Men to Kidnap His Wife. They Ended Up Drowning.
Lawrence Handley, 53, a business executive from Lafayette, La., pleaded guilty this week to three criminal charges after a plot to kidnap his estranged wife went badly awry.

By Michael Levenson
July 30, 2021

Schanda Handley was at home with her daughter and a neighbor when two men showed up at the door, dressed in what looked like blue uniforms from an appliance store.

They had a carpet steamer and asked Ms. Handley if they could demonstrate it for her. When she said no, the men forced their way into her house at gunpoint, put a hood over her head and handcuffed her and her neighbor, she said.

The kidnappers had been hired by Ms. Handley’s estranged husband, Lawrence Michael Handley, who was planning to have Ms. Handley driven to his camp near Woodville, Miss., from her home in Lafayette, La., prosecutors said. What he planned to do after that was not clear, the authorities said.

But as the men drove east on Interstate 10 on Aug. 6, 2017, with Ms. Handley handcuffed in the back, sheriff’s deputies noticed the van was swerving and tried to stop it, prosecutors said.

The men, Sylvester Bracey and Arsenio Haynes, drove off the interstate, turned down a dead-end gravel road, and were penned in by the police, prosecutors said. Both men tried to escape by swimming through a canal, prosecutors said. They drowned.

On Monday, nearly four years later, Mr. Handley, 53, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree kidnapping and one count of attempted second-degree kidnapping, prosecutors said. He faces 15 to 35 years in prison. A sentencing date has not been set.

Under a plea deal, Mr. Handley avoided a charge of aggravated kidnapping, which carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison, prosecutors said.

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Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật . Empty Re: Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật .

Post by TuTu Wed Aug 11, 2021 11:52 pm

ngày mai sẽ post 1 câu chuyện cực kỳ giưt gân . , gọi là chuyện tưởng như phim nhưng có thật (2) lol!


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Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật . Empty Re: Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật .

Post by TuTu Thu Aug 12, 2021 11:24 pm


The former middle distance Olympic runner and high-end escort speaks out for the first time about her battle with mental illness, and how mania controlled and compelled her in competition, but also in life. This is a heartbreakingly honest yet hopeful memoir reminiscent of Manic, Electroboy, and An Unquiet Mind.

During the 1990s, three-time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton was the darling of American track and field. An outstanding runner, a major sports apparel spokesperson, and a happily married wife, she was the model for an active, healthy, and wholesome life. But her perfect facade masked a dark truth: manic depression and bipolar disorder that drove her obsession to perform and win. For years after leaving the track, Suzy wrestled with her condition, as well as the loss of a close friend, conflicted feelings about motherhood and her marriage, and lingering shame about her athletic career. After a misdiagnosis and a recommendation for medication that only exacerbated her mania and made her hypersexual, Suzy embarked on a new path, and assumed a new identity. Fueled by a newfound confidence, a feeling of strength and independence and a desire she couldn’t tamp down, she became a high-priced escort in Las Vegas, working as “Kelly.”

But Suzy could not keep her double life a secret forever. When it was eventually exposed, it sent her into a reckless suicidal period where the only option seemed out. Finally, with the help of her devoted husband, Suzy finally got the proper medical help she needed. In this startling frank memoir, she recounts the journey to outrun her demons, revealing how a woman used to physically controlling her body learned to come to terms with her unstable mind. It is the story of a how a supreme competitor scored her most important victory of all—reclaiming her life from the ravages of an untreated mental illness. Today, thanks to diagnosis, therapy, Kelly has stepped into the shadows, but Suzy is building a better life, one day at a time. Sharing her story, Suzy is determined to raise awareness, provide understanding, and offer inspiration to others coping with their own challenges.

---> From Olympic runner to become a high end escort in Las vegas .

she blamed it on mental illness . she  làm prostitite there until bị exposed bởi 1 client who is a reporter and know who she is .
ong^ chòng thì ở vậy nuôi con , khogn^ ly dị lay lý do là protect đứa con gái from the bond with nguòi mẹ ...

cuoi cùng she got the right treatment and từ giã Last vegas ....ve song lai voi chòng , nhung buồn tay là họ moi ly dị not too long ago.  ONg chòng cung là dan choi the thao hòi xua .


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Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật . Empty Re: Chuyên. tưởng như phim nhưng có thật .

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