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Post by 8DonCo Tue Jul 18, 2023 9:30 am

Viral license plate deemed inappropriate recalled by state DMV


RENO, Nev. (KOLO/Gray News) – A Nevada license plate saying “GOBK2CA” - go back to California - went viral on Facebook but has since been recalled by the state DMV.
Adam Steelmon had the license plate for two decades with no issues until last month.
“Local law enforcement have pulled me over to tell me they liked my license plate. Texas has pulled me over. In 20 years, I’ve had one person say well I don’t think your license plates are very appropriate,” Steelmon said.
Steelmon said he got a letter from the DMV about a week after the Facebook post saying the license plate is inappropriate and it would be recalled.
The DMV in Nevada says that it only takes one complaint for a license plate to be reviewed by their special license committee.
“All it takes is for one person to issue or file a complaint. If it goes against the statute, we have a duty to execute on that and recall it,” said Eli Rohl, public information officer for the Nevada DMV in Carson City.
The statute states the following may not be put on a Nevada license plate:
  • Upside down numbers

  • More than seven numbers

  • Phrases of contempt, ridicule or superiority of race, ethnic heritage or gender

  • Phrases sexual in nature, derogatory or obscene

  • A direct or indirect reference to drugs, paraphernalia or gang

The special committee meets every Monday to discuss reported license plates to decide which license plates violate the statute or not.
Those with a recalled plate can appeal the committee’s decision by taking the case to a judge that is distinctly separate from the DMV but still on their payroll.
Steelmon is appealing the recall and will have the hearing July 12.

GOBK2CA C7f64202b0357f04c779d805f437c5fc



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Happy Re: GOBK2CA

Post by TuTu Tue Jul 18, 2023 10:41 am

có chuyen này nữa Lol Lol


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Happy Re: GOBK2CA

Post by Rice Tue Jul 18, 2023 10:53 am

có cần phải có bảng số như vậy ko ?


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Happy Re: GOBK2CA

Post by LoveStory08 Tue Jul 18, 2023 12:58 pm

Haha I know they’re talking to me!!!


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Happy Re: GOBK2CA

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