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Cash Only, OK

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Happy Cash Only, OK

Post by 8DonCo Wed Apr 24, 2024 10:01 am

Airline canceled your flight? The plane arrived hours late after a maintenance issue? The inflight Wi-Fi didn’t work?

New federal rules say travelers deserve cash refunds when inconvenienced by their airline – not vouchers or travel credits.

“From now on when your flight is canceled for any reason, you are entitled to an automatic cash refund and it has to be prompt,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told CNN’s John Berman on Wednesday.
“If you get delayed significantly, that means three hours domestically, six hours internationally, or if there’s another significant change to your itinerary — like maybe you were going to go into one airport, they actually changed the airport on you or something like that — you’re going to get your money back.”
The rules, announced by the Transportation Department on Wednesday, also require airlines to provide upfront information about fees for baggage and changing flights.
Although many airlines have done away with change fees and disclose fees on their websites, Buttigieg estimated more transparency with some airlines and websites would make it easier for travelers to shop around – ultimately saving consumers millions every year.
The rule would formalize the requirement he referred to that passengers receive refunds if a domestic flight is delayed by more than three hours or if an international flight is delayed by more than six hours.
It would also require a refund of any baggage fees for bags that arrive more than 12 hours late, and a refund of the fee for a purchased service like Wi-Fi or upgraded seating if the airline doesn’t deliver.

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Happy Re: Cash Only, OK

Post by ga10 Wed Apr 24, 2024 10:50 am

I always thought they have to give you a cash refund when they cancelled your flight and you have to rebook. So now they have to give you cash refund instead of the voucher and do they put you on the next flight free of charge as well?


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