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Mind/Mental Techniques

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Mind/Mental Techniques  Empty Mind/Mental Techniques

Post by Phuoc Fri Apr 26, 2024 10:56 am

These are easy and wonderful, Burt Goldman, author of Quantum Jumping.

1  The Bagha

Touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue stimulates the thought processes and the mind to accept that something is about ot take place, this is calleld the 'Bagha'.  The innitial Bagha use is relaxation and comfort.  When using the Bagha for other things it acts as a negative magnetic pole to attract, and a possitive magnetic pole to repel.

Whenever you feel the need of the comfort you feel when meditating, simply tough the roof of your mouth and hold your tongue there for a few seconds and you will feel some of the comfort you feel when meditating.  Whenever any of the negative emotions are closing in on you use the Bagha.

To re-direct your thoughts, use the Bagha and immediately thing about the positive elements of the situation.

Use the Bagha whenever you feel the need to take your mind of a subject, or whenever you wih to concentrate on a subject.

2.  The Polarity Technique; Grading your attitude

   1.  Grade the thing that bothers you on a range of from one to ten.  Mentally make it worse, until the degree gets higher.
   2.  Then make it better and grade it on a range of from one to ten.
   3.  Continue to make the thing better, then worse, again and again while using the Bagha until the thing no longer bothers you.

3.  The Bagha Duo

   1.  For something you want of an immediate nature.  A good seat at a restaurant, a parking space, your're late for a meeting and want to be there at the start.  Anything you wnat to happen when it seems that only amiracle could make it happen.
   2.  Touch the r\tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, think of the thing that you want to happen as already having happened, and direct your mind from the area of your right ear to your left ear, then your right, back and forth quickly, three times.  You should find your attitude changing towards the event.

4.  Thought Stopping

  1.  Whenever a thought comes to you and you want to stop it, allow it to come.  Concentrate on the image in your mind, make it brighter and more colorful.
  2.  When concentrating on the memtal image, shout mentally, with all the volume yo can muster: STOP!
  3.  You can use thought stopping to block any negative thought you would like to ride yourself of.

5.  The Metaphor technique

  1.  Turn the habit, or addiction into something else wiht a metaphor.  You can use elephants, snakes, gorillas, rats, lizards, anything at all, it's your choice.  Pick the metaphor you want to represent your habit or addiction.  Then touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

  2. When ever you have any desire whatever for the habit or addiction, think of the animal or thing that represents your habit, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and shout:  STOP!

6.  The Polarity Switch

  1.  Anytime anyone bothers, or intimidates you.  Get an image of that person, set the Bagha (touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth), and then get an mental image of the person on the right side of you and then the left side and move the image back and forth rapidly.
  2.  Stop.  Think about something that makes you feel good, say the word 'switch', and change the image to the thing that makes you feel good.
  3.  Move the image that makes you feel good back and forth, slowly.

7.  Self Competition

  1.  Think of a thing you wish to improve while doing.
  2.  Do the thing normally and note how well you do it and how much time it takes to do it.  This is your base line.
  3.  The next time you do the thing look to improve how well you do it, or the time it takes to do it.  A slight change in improvement or time is sufficient, that becomes your new base line.  Do it again, etc.

8.  The Painted Smile

 1.  Start with the Bagha.
 2.  Mentally paint a smile on your lips.  Like a clown would.
 3.  Do that whenever meeting someone.

9.  Act as If

  1.  Set the Bagha whenever you feel listless, tired or down, and act as if you are a person who has energy; its simple, easy, and effective.
  2.  When you act as if you are the person you choose, you set up a mental image that stimulates the cells in your body, when you are through acting as if, just act as if you were back to your old self again.  This allows you better control over your attitude and actions.

10.  Converse in Spirit

  1.  Meditate.  When you are relaxed and comfortable say mentally, I am going to count from one to three and at the count of three I will be in the spiritual dimension.  Count from one to ghree and assume you are there.
  2.  Sense the person you wish to contact is in front of you and then have a mental conversation with the departed.

11.  The Contenment Mantra

  1.  Meditate.  When you feel you are relaxed and comfortable mentally chan auumm (Om) three times.
  2.  After chanting auumm three times, change the word auumm to 'content' and chant the word slowly, drawing it out.  Connnnn tennnnt.
  3.  Continue chanting the word content for comfort and contentment.

12.  Plato's Room

  1.  The techniqe for remembering depends on the way you put the information in.  When you wnat to remember something visulizd it.  Imagine you have a series of rooms in your mind; mental rooms.  There's a room for people, for places, for things and so on.
  2.  Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mought and create a mental image of the thing, person, or event you wnat to recall easity.
 3.  Associate the thing you wish to remember with something else.
 4.  Put the image in one of your mental rooms.


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Mind/Mental Techniques  Empty Re: Mind/Mental Techniques

Post by Phuoc Fri Apr 26, 2024 9:34 pm

13.  Power Images

 1.  Associate the thing you want to remember with something else.  If you want to remember a name like George Watanabe, think about George Washington, then a gigantic door with a big knob, what a knob; and the knob has a bee on top of it.
 2.  Making up a story about the thing.  When you create a story about the thing you wish to remember the mind stores the images onto powerful neurons.

14.  The Tapping Technique

  1.  Personal rhythm changes with each emotion, each thought.  Thought precipitates rhythem, rhythm stimulates thought.
  2.  Think about a thing you like and tap on the side of your thigh with a few fingers.  Not the frequency of the tapping.
  3.  Think abou a you do not like, and tap the frequency of the thing you like, and you will begin to like the thing you didn't like.

15.  Power Shield

  1.  Start witht he Bagha then imagine a psychic shield, or a wall of energy, between yourself and who or whatever you want protection from.
  2 . To put on the shield, touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue and say, 'Shield protect' and imagine the wall of energy between you and whatever mental energies you want protection from.
  3.  To remove the shield, simply say, 'Shield off.'

16.  Majestic Sight

  1.  Start with the Bagha.  Imagine a pair of special positive view spectacles are in place over your eyes.
  2.  Whever you want to see things in a positive manner, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and say 'Glasses On' and imagine your positive viewpoint glasses are in place.
  3.  With your positive viewpoint glasses on imagine that you see everything as a majestic looking sight, from its positive aspects only.

17.  Tension Power

  1.  Standing straight, tense your feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, chest, neck, face and head.
  2.  Tense lightly and quickly.
  3.  After feeling more energy flow through your body, relax.

18.  Kahuna Boldness

  1.  Think of the worst case scenario with regards to your fear.
  2.  Think of the best case scenario with regards to your fear.
  3.  Visualize the two scenes in the palms of your hands, one in the palm of your left hand the other in the palm of your right hand.
  4.  Smash your hands together.
  5.  Use the Bagha and think of the best case scene.  Fears gone.

19.  Mental Acupuncture

  1.  Imagine a situation where you are comfortable.
  2.  Pinch your left earlobe with the first two fingers of your right hand while humming auumm (OM) and holding the comfort image.
  3.  While doing that enhance the chi by imagining a small needle coming from from your forefinger piercing the lobe.
  4.  Whenever you are uncomfortable in a situation, use Mental Acupuncture by pinch your left earlobe with the first two fingers of your right hand and imagine a needle piercing the lobe.

20.  Attitude Reversal

  1.  During a negative event, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and ementally say, 'Attitude Reverse' and switch your thoughts to the positive.
  2.  Immediately consider the good that can come out of the event.  If there is a loss involved, think of things you can do to set up a gain.

21.  Reiki Longevity Shield

  1.  Whenever you are in the vicinity of negative energies use the Bagha and say 'Reiki protect' and imagine a Shield protecting you.
  2.  The Reiki Shield is a metaphor that enables your body to send out positive energies that act as a positive, outgoing force.
  3.  The outgoing force blocks all incoming negative energies.

22.  Mental Magnetism

  1.  Imagine a large horseshoe magnet wrapped around your body.  The feet of the magnet pointed away from you.
  2.  Create an image in your mind of what you wish to attract.
  3.  Say, 'Magnet attract," at the same time touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue.
  4.  Let it go.  The forces are at work.  Every now and then create an image in your mind of that which you wish to attract.

23.  The Magnet Hat

  1.  Magnetism is a force that attracts and a force that repels.  The brain's waves, stimulated by the attitude of the mind, also attract and repel.  Using a symbol such as a magnet hat creates a mental magnet.
  2.  Create a magnet hat in your imagination, the style of your choosing.
  3.  To put on the hat, use the Bagha and say 'Magnet Hat On',  and imagine the hat on your head.
  4.  When it is time to use the magnet hat tense your body.  Hold the tension for a moment and say the word 'energize' and imagine the energy flowing up through your body into the magnet.
  5.  To attract any particular thing, just turn your head and point the feet of the magnet hat toward the person, event, or thing you would like to attract while thinking of the person, event, or thing flowing towards you.

24.  The Table of Creativity

  1.  Create a mental image of a table with 6 chairs.
  2.  In five of the chairs are your attitudes.  The attitudes are: Caution, Reckless, Negative, Positive, and Creative.  The sixth hair is yours.
  3.  Whenever you have a major decision to make, mentally sit with your five attitudes and think about he decision's end result if you were cautious, then if you were reckless, then negative, then positive, and then if you were creative.  You'll have a better idea of what to do.
25.  Goals and Controls

  1.  Set objectives.
  2.  Quantify objectives.  Give it a number of weight or quality.
  3.  Make a plan tied to time.
  4.  Compare plan with performance.
  5.  Take corrective action if goal is not realized.
  6.  Reward performace.

26.  Change

  1.  Before making a change in your life consider three things that you will be happy about after making the change.
  2.  Now consider three things you will be unhappy about after making the change.
  3.  Weigh what you will like and what you will not like about the change before making your decision.
  4.  Meditate and open your mind to alternatives.

27.  The Golden Image

  1. Create a mental image.
  2.  Make the image brighter and more colorful
  3.  Bring in sound and enhance the volume.
  4.  Make the scene three dimensional.
  5.  View the scene as though it were on a computer screen.
  6.  Step into the scene as a participant.
  7.  Using the Golden Image for Re-Programming, imagine two screens.  Make the screen on the left, the screen with the problem you wish to change, the negative screen.  Make the screen on the right, the positive screen, the solution you wish to manifest.
  8.  Use the Golden Image on the left screen, the negative screen.
  9.  Sense the positive, the thing you want to happen on the right screen.  Make the right screen leaden, dull, no  color or sound.
  10.  Touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue, mentally say 'SWITCH', and make the negative screen leaden, dull, wiht no color and mkae the right screen, the positive screen, a Golden Image.
  11.  Let it go, don't concern yourself with it any longer.  Universal forces will be at work until your goal manifests.


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Mind/Mental Techniques  Empty Re: Mind/Mental Techniques

Post by Phuoc Sat Apr 27, 2024 2:23 pm

28.  Healing the Inanimate

  1.  When there is a mechanical problem it occasionally helps to use the Bagha in combination with the power shout.
  2.  Touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue, thrust out your hand, fingers extended toward the thing that is broken and shout as loud as you can "WORK."

Theatre of Healing

  1.  Meditate and imagine you are ina theatre.  On the stage is the person you are healing.  The person is lying on an operating room table.
  2.  You are in the third row center.  You project yourself on to the stage and stand in front of the operating room table.
  3.  You stretch out your hands and arms and for 30 seconds you spray healing energy all over the body of the person you are healing.

30.  Reiki Power Catalyst

  1.  Dampen a small towel, cloth, or handkerchief.
  2.  Slap it back and forth from your right hand to your left for 30 seconds.
  3.  Stroke the cloth over the painful area three times slowly.
  4.  As your intent is to heal there is no need to create any mental images when using the Reiki Power Catalyst.  Intent alone is enough.

31.  Center Stage

 For superior goal setting.
  1.  Meditate and visualizze a stage, curtain closed.
  2.  Curtain opens,, see an actor of your choice acting out your problem.
  3.  Then see the actor acting out the solution.  A positive end result.
  4.  Project yourself on to the stage and act out the solution to the problem.

32.  The Manifestation Technique

  1.  Meditate and create an infinite number of boxes in your mind.  This is a metaphor for the neurons that hold information.
  2.  Each of these boxes hold memories of specific things, with general titles.  There is a sports box, a food box, a friends box, a sex box, a lovers box, a dream box.  There is a box for everything you have ever thought, seen, heard, or dreamed about.
  3.  One of these boxes hold the seeds and plants that create significant effects to attract and manifest goals you wish to achieve.
  4.  While thinking about your goal, visualize planting a seed, or a small plant, that will sprout into your goal achieved.  This mental action will bring forth the thing that holds that information.
  5.  Actually do the thing you visualized physically.  Actually plant some seeds.  This metaphor stirs up that universal energy to manifest good effect from small causes.

33.  The Maturity Technique

  1.  Set a specific goal for yourself, for 5 years from today.
  2.  While thinking about your 5 year goal, set a 1 year goal for the same objective, but a thing that will stimulate the 5 year goal
  3.  Buy a ceramic pot, fill it with soil, and plant some seeds in it.
  4.  Energize the water you irrigate the soil with.

34.  The ESP Hat

  1.  Imagine you had a hat, a mental hat that stimulated intuition and Extra Sensory Perception.  What if you could create this hat in your imagination and put it on your head whenever you wanted to stimulate your psychic abilities?  Mentally of course you can.
  2.  Simply act as if you had such a hat, and you could activate it by touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue and saying the words, "ESP hat on" and imagine the hat in place, on top of your head.
  3.  You are now ready to act as if you were activating your ESP.
  4.  Put on your ESP hat whenever you feel the need of ESP.

35.  The Psychic Circle

  1.  Draw a circle on a sheet of paper.
  2.  Inside the circle write some thing that makes you feel bad like "I am stuck in traffic."  Do not write I hate being stuck in traffic.
  3.  Put on your ESP hat.
  4.  Look at the sentence inside the circle for 2 seconds.
  5.  Close your eyes and think about something that makes you feel wonderful.
  6.  Open your eyes and look at the sentence again for 2 seconds.
  7.  Close your eyes and think about something that makes you feel wonderful.  Then look at the sentence again.
  8.  Repeat this 3 times.  The thing that bothered you should now be neutralized.

36.  Consciousness Ladder

Five steps to your spiritual consciousness
  1.  Kindness: Compassion, consideration, caring and empathy.
  2.  Thoughtfulness: Frankness, openess and honesty.
  3.  Humility: Admiration instead of disrespect.
  4.  Forgiveness: Give up the idea of harming another by deed or thought.
  5.  Patience:  Living without comaplaint  knowing that "This too shall pass."

37.  Cares in a box

  1.  Visualize a care box.  A box that you use in which to keep all your cares and the things that bother you.
  2.  Keep your care box in the lower right corner of your mind.
  3.  Whenever anything bothers you, just put it in your care box.
  4.  To put things in your care box, use the Bagha, touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and say, "Cares in the box."

38.  Parallel Dimensions Technique

  1.  Go into your meditation zone.
  2.  On one of the infinity of planets in the infinity of parallel universes, there is a mirror image of you who is anything you can imagine.  There is an artist you, a royal you, a homeless you, a political you, a musical you, a business you; whatever can be imagined, is, in an infinite univers.
  3.  To contact the mirror you with the attributes you would like to have, use the Bagha, and say mentally, "I want to meet my artist, or whatever, and imagine you are standing alongside your parallel dimension twin self who is successful at what you wish to do.
  4.  Merge with the parallel you who is successful with what you wish to be or do.
  5.  The merger lends you the rhythm necessary for your success in this dimension.

39.  Your Life Purpose

  1.  Life purpose is experience, without experience there is no purpose to life.
  2.  Experience as much as you can and you will soon be immersed in your life purpose.
  3.  Experience is involvement in things, new knowledge, new skills, new understandings, and familiarity with as much, and wiht as many things as you are able.
  4.  Challenge yourself, and compete with yourself.
  5.  Set your base lines and do better at everthing you do.

40.  Past Life Journey

  1.  While in the meditation zone, touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and say the words "Time Bridge appear."
  2.  Visualize a half moon style bridge.  Sense it even if you have to create it.  Journey to the other side where your past life awaits.
  3.  When you cross over the bridge, as soon as you step off of it, imagine that you are viewing a past life.
  4.  Imagine that the event in this past life you are viewing is having an effect on the problem you are having in this life.
  5.  Just view the incident, only one single event, and let it go.
  6.  Walk back over the bridge to the present and the time bridge will disappear.

41.  The wave of Goodness

  1.  Put your right hand on your left shoulder.
  2.  Taking your hand off your shoulder, extend the hand and arm in a long, slow motion until your hand is pointed to your right.
  3.  Move your hand and arm back to the former position.  This constitutes one wave.
  4.  Three waves are usually enough to resolve a problem.
  5.  The Wave of Goodness can also be done mentally.
  6.  The Wave of Goodness can also be done for someone in your thoughts who is not in your presence.
  7.  Have your intent formed prior to starting the wave.


The End of this series


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Mind/Mental Techniques  Empty Re: Mind/Mental Techniques

Post by LoveStory08 Sun Apr 28, 2024 12:39 pm

Very interesting, I might have to try it someday.TY! Very Happy


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Mind/Mental Techniques  Empty Re: Mind/Mental Techniques

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