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Cancer Vaccine Hailed as 'Game-changer'

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Cancer Vaccine Hailed as 'Game-changer' Empty Cancer Vaccine Hailed as 'Game-changer'

Post by 8DonCo Fri May 31, 2024 11:59 pm

Cancer patients in the U.K. are about to get personalized cancer vaccines as part of a new trial.
These "game-changer" vaccines are a form of immunotherapy, designed to prime the body's immune system so that it can locate and fight tumor cells, reducing the chances of the cancer returning.

Unlike vaccines for diseases like the flu or COVID-19, which are taken to prevent someone from developing a disease, these cancer vaccines treat people who already have the condition.

Several National Health Service sites across England will be involved in the trial, which will initially focus on colorectal, pancreatic, skin, lung, bladder and kidney cancer patients. The vaccines in this trial will be manufactured by biotech company BioNTech SE.

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Cancer Vaccine Hailed as 'Game-changer' JQrjmZ


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Cancer Vaccine Hailed as 'Game-changer' Empty Re: Cancer Vaccine Hailed as 'Game-changer'

Post by ga10 Sat Jun 01, 2024 7:38 am

That's very good news. Nếu thành công thì trong tương lai sẽ có thuốc trị tất cả cancer khác và người ta 0 nghỉ cancer là 1 án tử hình khi biết mình mắc phải bịnh này.

Nó prevent cancer cells from returning vậy thì đâu có diệt mấy cái cancer cells hiện đang có hén?


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