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Good luck Nam California

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Good luck Nam California Empty Good luck Nam California

Post by 8DonCo Thu Sep 08, 2022 1:11 pm

A hurricane will make its closest pass to Southern California in 25 years, adding to state's weather woes

More extreme weather -- including sweltering heat, intense wind and potentially a year's worth of rain -- is forecast for Southern California this week as a hurricane spins in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico

As it moves north, Hurricane Kay's winds -- far from providing immediate relief from California's climate crisis-driven heat wave -- actually could push already record temperatures higher in some places. Then, the storm could threaten flash flooding and drop over just two days the volume of rain parts of Southern California would usually get in a year.

Flood watches are in effect for parts of Southern California and western Arizona.

Kay is expected to remain at hurricane strength until it's around 250 miles from San Diego -- something only four other storms have done since 1950, according to the National Weather Service -- before weakening as it moves toward the US West Coast.

But the storm doesn't need to be strong "for this to be a major concern for Southern California," said Brandt Maxwell, a National Weather Service meteorologist in San Diego.
Kay is forecast to track parallel to the Baja California peninsula through Friday, pushing what could be record-breaking amount of moisture into Southern California and Arizona. Then just shy of the US-Mexican border, it will turn westward -- away from the coast -- as it makes the closest pass to Southern California for a hurricane since 1997's Hurricane Nora.

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Good luck Nam California JQrjmZ


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Good luck Nam California Empty Re: Good luck Nam California

Post by LoveStory08 Thu Sep 08, 2022 1:15 pm

I hope it doesnt make it to NorCal


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