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Missing Wife!

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Missing Wife! Empty Missing Wife!

Post by ga10 Mon Nov 27, 2023 8:12 am

Husband:  Offier, my wife is missing. She went out yêsterday and hasn't come home!
Office:  Okay, what's her height?
Husband: Uh, I am not sure ...maybe around 5'6 or maybe 5'2 because she looks shorter after she gained weight!
Officer:  Okay, weight?
Husband:  I don't know since she never tells me nor anyone her weight!
Office:  Age?
Husband:  She has been 29 for many years now.
Officer:  What color is her hair?
Husband:  It used to be brown but now it changes depending what hair dresser she goes to.
Officer:  What was she wearing when she left the house?
Husband:  Something looked like a skirt but also resembled pants!
Officer:  What color were her clothes?
Husband:  Could be red....or maybe blue.  I am not sure exactly!
Officer: When she left, did she go by car?
Husband: Yes.
Officer:  And what was the maker of that car?

Husband:  It's a high performance car with 560 horse power Audi in a very specific Grey Silver Metallic paint.  It has HP pedal shift, automatic transition and a 6.35 litre B12 engine.  Larger than normal alloy wheels, gt bucket seats, satellite navigation and unfortunately a little thin scratch on the front left door handle.

Officer:  Ummmm....thank you for all the information.  Don't worry sir....we will find your car!  Bo Tay


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Missing Wife! Empty Re: Missing Wife!

Post by LoveStory08 Mon Nov 27, 2023 11:10 pm

:Giggling: :Giggling:


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Missing Wife! Empty Re: Missing Wife!

Post by 8DonCo Mon Nov 27, 2023 11:15 pm


Missing Wife! C7f64202b0357f04c779d805f437c5fc

Missing Wife! JQrjmZ


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Missing Wife! Empty Re: Missing Wife!

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