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Tưởng là mắt mờ đọc lộn

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Tưởng là mắt mờ đọc lộn Empty Tưởng là mắt mờ đọc lộn

Post by 8DonCo Thu Jan 25, 2024 1:07 pm

nhưng không phải , "Fourty Five" percent

Turkey hikes interest rate again to 45% after inflation nears 65%

  • Turkey’s central bank on Thursday hiked its key interest rate to 45%, in line as expected.

  • Inflation in Turkey increased to 64.8% year-on-year in December, up from 62% in November.

  • Meanwhile, the country’s currency, the lira, hit a new record low against the U.S. dollar earlier in January, breaking 30 to the greenback for the first time.

Tưởng là mắt mờ đọc lộn C7f64202b0357f04c779d805f437c5fc

Tưởng là mắt mờ đọc lộn JQrjmZ


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