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Post by Phuoc Tue Aug 22, 2023 9:51 pm

"My grandson, Louis-David, was about four or five years old when he began mentioning memories of my father, whom he had never met, smilling with the very same special gleam in his eye when he did things similar to how my dad had done them.  One day, he said to me, 'I remember being him...  I remember you.'  We had no movies or specific pictures; we often spoke of Grandma, but rarely Grandpa.

To this day, even though I have no proof of past lives, I still wonder.  My dad went to war and it totally destroyed him.  Louis was born flat-footed--I suppose if he is my dad, he sure did not want to
go to war again.  My dad had one arm partially bent at the elbow (I never knew why)--Louis fell and broke his arm, and now his arm moves in the same partially bent way.  There are many other things like those example.  I am not saying I believe this or that; I'm just stating observations."


"At the age of two, my son told me, 'I am your father and son.'  He was born the same day that my father passed away.


"My granddaughter, Ellie, has been trying to seriously get my attention about her former identity since she was about nine months old.  She continually brought me my grandmother's picture of Mary and Jesus, which was an odd choice for a baby just crawling with toys all around.  She then wanted to take it home, so I gave it to her.  

When Ellie was a year old, she was in the downstairs playroom and, out of the 27 books down there,  picked one that my grandmother had given me, called The Chinese Children Next Door.  I did not know I had this book!  Several months later, she then picked out Now We are Six, out of a pile of over 30 books on her big sister's shelf.  That was another book given to me by the same grandmother!  Her sister told her that she could not have it as it was a very old book.  Ellie said, 'Mine!'  and ran down the hall with it clutched under her arm like a football.  We could not get her to release it.

It was at that moment that I realized it in fact really was her book, as she has the soul of my favorite grandmother, who has returned for a new cycle of life!  I told Ellie that I finally knew this, and she gave me the hugest smile of relief.  At 20 months, she does not call me Grammy like the other grandchildren but Becky, as my grandmother called me 'Becky the Specky.'  It's great because I sing Ellie all of the old songs that my grandmother taught me, and she is in heaven when we sing those.


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Post by Phuoc Tue Aug 22, 2023 10:34 pm

Memories of Spiritual Connection to Our Source

"I was driving when from out of the blue my five-year-old son, Krish said, 'Mom, you know I have lived more lives than you, but isn't it funny that this time you are my mom?'  When he was three, he talked about God and angels all the time and saw them everywhere.  He also told me once that fruit tastes much juicier on the trees in God's home.

I lost my sister suddenly three years ago, and he doesn't remember anything about her.  I recently told him that I had a sister but she is now an angel and with God.  He immediately closed his eyes and said that it's kind of strange because she looked like a human in a purple sky whereas other angels look very different and they swoosh through the room.

Once a plate slipped from my hands, and as I was trying to catch it, it flew and almost hit my face and fell down.  My son was watching and said, 'God controlled that plate with His mind and saved you since you are a good person.'"


"When I was several months pregnant with my son, Elliot, I traveled to Kauai with some dear friends.  We visited a sacred beach that is considered to be a portal where souls both enter and depart the earth.  When my son was under the age of two, we were having a casual lunch conversation and I asked him if he remembered where he was before he came here to be a person.  He looked up into space for a moment, then to me, and nonchalantly said, 'Yes, Momma, Hawaii.'"


"My two-year-old son is constantly talking about the people in white.  Once I asked him to tell me about them, and he said they come at night a lot and watch over him.  He said they are like 'light', and when they leave he gets very sad."


"A few day before I found out I was pregnant, my mom dreamed of my grandmother (who had passed away a few days earlier).  She was hold a baby boy's hand, and he had beautiful blue eyes.  She told my mom to 'tell Hehrzad to take care of him--he is an amazing gift.'

When my son, Nima, was three years old, two shocking events happened.  First, my dear aunt passed away.  When my son found out, he closed his eyes and said, 'Auntie is with Grandma in a beautiful triangle of blue light.'  I asked him, 'What is the triangle of light?'  He said that it was God.

A few weeks later we went to Iran, where my grandmother used to live with my other aunt.  Nima insisted on visiting Grandma's room.  As soon as he went in, he started touching a few of her belongings (praying cloth, rosary, and photos).  He was smiling and laughing, talking out loud to her and asking her about the light.  It was as if he was seeing it with her.  We were all speechless.  I know he remembered the light he came from."


Recently, my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter was very sick for three days with an unknown stomach virus.  We were visiting doctors, and she had to have a painful catheter that was rather traumatic.  In trying to comfort her, I told her that when I was little I was really sick one time, too--I was in the hospital, getting poked and prodded, and was feeling terrible.  She looked at me and said, 'I was there with you.'  'What do you mean that you were there with me?'
'I was there holding you, and helping you feel all better.'  Since then, she has mentioned holding my hand when I was a little girl at certain times (mostly at times when I had fallen down).  I've always called her my angle baby, but never thought it could be meant so literally."



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Post by Phuoc Tue Aug 22, 2023 11:12 pm

Mystical and Precognitive Wisdom

"When my youngest brother was just three years old in 1967, we were all at the dinner table with him in his high chair.  Out of nowhere he looked at my mother and said, 'You have a sick tummy.'  She was shocked and asked, 'How do you know that?'  My brother answered, 'God told me.'  She was diagnosed a few days later with an infected gallbladder and had to have emergency surgery."


"when I first found out I was pregnant with my son, my daughter was four.  She didn't know yet, and I was wondering how to tell her.  She looked at me and said, 'I am going to have a little brother.' and then went about her business."


"My daughter was about eight when we were driving past a field where vultures were flying high in a circle.  I made the comment that something must have died below them.  My daughter asked me if I knew why they were flying so high in circles.  I responded by asking what her thoughts were.  She hesitated for just a few seconds and then told me that they fly in a circle waiting for the animal's soul to leave.  It was such an unexpected yet powerful statement."


"Thirty years ago, my 5 1/2 year old son, Kevin, went home to the good Lord after having an intraventricular hemorrhage in his brain.  Just months prior to his passing, my brother-in-law had asked him to be the ring bearer at his wedding, but Kevin said that he would not be there.  And when I was buying him new school clothes for kindergarten, he told me that he would never go to school or live anywhere other than where we were living at the time."


"Cali, in this dimension, does not have any grandparents.  My mother passed away in 1985 when I was only 17, long before I was married or divorced.  Yet my daughter has often gone on and on aobut this mysterious 'Grandma' that she has.  When she talks about it, if I say 'Grandmother', she corrects me.  'No, Mum, it's Grandma!'

I have an uncle who is very ill.  On the way home from a trip to visit him.  I asked my older daughter, Olivia, and her boyfriend, Dimitrious, if they minded if we stopped by the cemetery where my mother was buried.  Cali had never been there before, and earlier in the week I had been trying to explain to her about heaven and what happens when animals die.  She had been playing very roughtly with Olivia's little dog, Chief, and I was afraid that she didn't know the consequences of this.  I thought visiting the cemetery might make things a little easier to understand.

When we arrived, I was amazed by the vast number of gravestones that had been placed since the last time I had been there (about three years before).  Where my mother had been, in what was once the third row back, was now fronted by hundreds of the newly deceased.  Olivia and I stood dumbfounded, as we could not find the headstone.  Cali took off running through the gravestones,  in the complete opposite direction of her sister and me.  Cali is a high-energy girl, and I figured this was going to ba a game of cat and mouse to get her to come with us.  I turned to give chase, when suddenly she stopped in her tracks.  With her finger pointed and arm outstretched, she yelled. 'Here it is!'  In a place she had never been before, among rows and ros of identical headstones, with pinpoint accuracy, Cali had found my mother's gravesite.  Cali had no explanation of how she knew.. she just shrugged her shoulders and continued to play nearby."


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 4:04 pm

My son, Lucas, now age thirteen, declared something profound when he was two and a half.  My parents, my husband, our new baby girl, Lucas, and I were sitting outdoors on a family vacation, playing with clay and having quite a moment.  Lucas suddenly said, 'Everything is love.  It's all about love.  We are all made of love and God is love.'  (We are not a family who talks much about God.)

Stunned, I replied, 'Lucas, what a beautiful thing to say.  Where did you hear that?'  After a pause, he said, 'I already knew it when I came here.'"


When my son, Daniel, was about two years old, he told me that when we are born, we know everything, but as we grow up, we forget.  It blew me away so much that I still remember it.


Here are a few stories that my daughter, Jaiyda, shared with me in her first three and a half years of life:

- "Mommy, did you know that the universe is in your heart?  All you have to do is look in and look at it and feel it.  It is right in front of you, not behind you."

- "Mommy, your grandpa Al likes to watch over me at bedtime with the angels.  He likes purple flowers, just like me.  He likes to show you purple flowers".  My grandpa passed away over 20 years ago and she never even knew his name.  It blew me away.

- "Mommy, God is energy.  Angels are energy.  They are bright lights in my heart and everyone's heart."

- "I was free and used to fly.  Why can't I fly here on Earth?  It was like clouds up in the sky, everything and anything, everywhere and anywhere."

- "Mommy, I sometimes have not my voice in my head.  It doesn't sound like me... I know it is a whisper from someone telling me to do something good.  I think it might be God's voice."


My daughter is eight.  The other day she told me, "Mama, in the next era when we have new life, we will still look like humans--but we will have new minds, and we will be kind to each other, and we will love nature, and we will live with the trees in tree houses and we will be happy."  

She also frequently references our past life together and our next lives.  If she is particularly happy, she looks and reaches for the sky.  I marvel at her and at the beauty of her conscious connection to God.


When my son, Jade, was six years old, a friend was staying with us and started to write a journal on the words of wisdom that came from his young mouth.  Here are a few of the quotes:

-  Jade believes in past lives, but says it is too complicated to explain, as all lives happen at the same time.

-  He says, "When the cup's upside-down, part of your God is caught in it.  God helps the universe, makes us think, put thinking in our minds, makes the wind blow, and so on, and God is doing everything at the same time.  God is everywhere--He is even in bad people--and helps us grow."

-  Jade says that he sees circles a lot, gray in color, with white bits in them.  Sometimes they are joined by a line, sometimes not.  He says they are probably atoms that are splitting, and the reason they do that is to give the earth energy.  He says that these gray circles aren't angels because angels have sparkles and so do nature spirits.  He said that it isn't energy because energy moves very fast in a straight line.

I think that is enough to give you an idea of Jade's fascinating mind and soul in 1989, at the age of six.  Interestingly enough, when he turned seven, this all stopped.


Two chapters left.


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 4:43 pm

Quảng cáo quyển sách tiếp theo, mỗi chuyện có vẻ hơi dài dòng, but exciting.


.....THESE are the words spoken by a man in deep hypnosis, reliving a death
experience. His words come in short, excited bursts and are full of awe, as he sees
and feels what it is like to be a spirit newly separated from a physical body.   This
man is my client and I have just assisted him in recreating a past life death scene.


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 7:09 pm

I am going to skip the chapter on invisible friends and spiritual visitations.

Angels Stories

My youngest daughter used to tell me that at night she returned to heaven and an angel would come and get her.  They would fly in the sky, through space, and arrive at heaven.  While there she saw my father, who had passed ten years before--he had a house and was growing yellow roses for my mother (my mother is still alive at age 84.)  Then, she said, "When the bells start to ring, you have to leave."


My son was having horrible night terrors, and I recommended that he ask Archangel Michael to help him.  When I asked how it went, he told me Michael was like an angel superhero because he wears a white robe with a yellow belt and had a sword to fight the "bad guys."  As far as I know, he hadn't even been shown a picture of Michael specifically... and Harrison said that he'd met him.


Gavin still talks to his guardian angels at the age of eight.  Just recently he told me that he'd received information that the angels were excited about sending babies from heaven to people we knew.  That week, we found out three of our friends were newly expecting babies and hadn't told anyone else yet.


When my son was about nine, my husband had traveled out of the country.  The night he left, I prayed to God, and prayed that Archangel Michael would protect us.  The very next morning, my son and I were in the kitchen area when all of a sudden I saw him do a double take, looking at the sofa in the living room.  He said, "Mom, did you see that man?  He was sitting with his right arm resting on the arm of the sofa--he was very transparent, and I could only see him from the chest up.  He was staring at us in he kitchen, and the moment our eyes met, he disappeared."

Lo and behold, when we went over to the sofa, we indeed saw what looked like an indentation of where an arm or an elbow had been resting.  I believe my son saw Archangel Michael.  I also believe that the angel had shown itself to my son because when I'd prayed to him, I'd said, "Please let me know you are protecting us.  I don't want to see you, though, as I am easily scared."  So Michael had shown himself to my son, who was more open.


When my daughter, Sky was about 4 years old, she gave me a detailed description of an encounter she'd had with an angel.  She went on about how this diminutive angel was dressed, all in white; how she sat on the dresser, which was approximately eye level with Sky as she sat up in bed; and how she told Sky that she would be by her side, because she was going to be needed.

The angel also said that her mommy had gone through four "not births" before Sky was born.  The angel told Sky that she was very much wanted by her father and me, and also by the spirit realm.  Sky actually used those two words.  She said, "Yes, Mommy, I'm sure, the angel said the spirit realm."

I was rendered speechless--I'd in fact had four miscarriages and nearly miscarried Sky.  I later found out that I'd been born with an abnormailty called a "tipped uterus."  You can't imagine what her father and I had gone through to get to term with Sky, who was born a month early but weighted a healthy 6 pounds, and 2 ounces.

My daughter dinstinctly informed me that the little angel told her that she was meant for a higher purpose, that prior to her birth she was made of pure light, and that she chose her parents and the difficulties she'd have to face as she grew older.  As time went on, she'd ask me, "Mommy, what problems will I go through?"

I didn't have any idea, although I did know that alcoholism ran in my family on both sides.  So I am embarrashed to say this, but by the time she was 12, Sky did need her angel because of me.  I became addicted to drugs so terribly that if it weren't for Sky's wonderful father, she surely would have been placed with other family members.  My addiction led to prison time, But I'm happy to say that I have been ten years clean.

Sky had more than one visit from the tiny angel but says now that she doesn't have any recollection of what occured when she was four.


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 9:35 pm

My youngest daughter used to have conversations with angels every night.  One night when she was just two and a half, she asked me to tell them not to have so many in her room because she was tired and wanted to sleep some more.  I told her to ask the angels not to stay that night, and we did it together.  The next morning when I asked her how she slept, she told me that only "Michael" had stayed at the foot of her bed to help her sleep more peacefully.  I got chills, knowing who Michael was.  When she noticed my reaction, she said, "Yep, Mommy, he's my favorite, too!"  I'd never told her angel names--I always let her tell me.

As an added note, my Northern California-born baby began her talking days speaking in a very strong Boston accent!  No one in our family had ever been to Boston, and she always told me it was "from before."


I have identical twin daughters, when they were between 2 and 3, one of them said, "Mommy, now that we eat real food, the angels don't come as often."  I asked what she meant, and the other one replied, "Now that we don't drink milk out of bottles and we eat food, they don't come as often."

This really blew me away because at that young of an age I knew they had no concept of what they had just said, and were merely speaking the truth!


I was on the way to drop my four-year-old, Marc, off at day care.  We drove for a while and then he said, "Mommy, you are so beautiful."  I thanked him, and he said, "Yes, you are so beautiful with all of the angels around your head!"  When I told him that was very sweet, he insisted, "Mommy, they are all around your head," and then looked down to keep playing...

.............End of this book.................


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 10:06 pm

Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton


This book is an intimate journal about the spirit world. It provides a series of actual case histories which reveal in explicit detail what happens to us when life on Earth is over. You will be taken beyond the spiritual tunnel and enter the spirit world itself to learn what transpires for souls before they finally return to Earth in another life.

While I used hypnosis and age-regression techniques to determine the origins of disturbing memories and childhood trauma, I felt any attempt to reach a former life was unorthodox and non-clinical.  Until...

This client complained of a lifetime of chronic pain on his right side. One of the tools of hypnotherapy to manage pain is directing the subject to make the pain worse so he or she can also learn to lessen the aching and thus acquire control. In one of our sessions involving pain intensification, this man used the imagery of being stabbed to recreate his torment. Searching for the origins of this image, I eventually uncovered his former life as a World War I soldier who was killed by a bayonet in France, and we were able to eliminate the pain altogether.

With encouragement from my clients, I began to experiment with moving some of them further back in time before their last birth on Earth. Initially I was concerned that a subject's integration of current needs, beliefs, and fears would create fantasies of recollection. However, it didn't take long before I realized our deep-seated memories offer a set of past experiences which are too real and connected to be ignored. I came to appreciate just how therapeutically important the link is between the bodies and events of our former lives and who we are today. Then I stumbled on to a discovery of enormous proportions. I found it was possible to see into the spirit world through the mind's eye of a hypnotized subject who could report back to me of life between lives on Earth.

How is it possible to reach the soul through hypnosis? Visualize the mind as having three concentric circles, each smaller than the last and within the other, separated only by layers of connected mind-consciousness. The first outer layer is represented by the conscious mind which is our critical, analytic reasoning source. The second layer is the subconscious, where we initially go in hypnosis to tap into the storage area for all the memories that ever happened to us in this life and former lives. The third, the innermost core, is what we are now calling the superconscious mind. This level exposes the highest center of Self where we are an expression of a higher power. The superconscious houses our real identity, augmented by the subconscious which contains the memories of the many alter-egos assumed by us in our former human bodies. The superconscious may not be a level at all, but the soul itself.  The superconscious mind represents our highest center of wisdom and perspective, and all my information about life after death comes from this source of intelligent energy.

When subjects are placed in trance, their brain waves slow from the Beta wake state and continue to change vibration down past the meditative Alpha stage into various levels within the Theta range. Theta is hypnosis-not sleep.

I find it very rewarding to watch the look of wonder on a client's face when his or her session ends. For those of us who have had the opportunity to actually see our immortality, a new depth of self-understanding and empowerment emerges.


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 10:29 pm

Death and Departure

Case 1

S. (Subject): Oh, my god! I'm not really dead-am I? I mean, my body is dead-I can see it below me-but I'm floating... I can look down and see my body lying flat in the hospital bed. Everyone around me thinks I'm dead, but I'm not. I want to shout, hey, I'm not really dead! This is so incredible ... the nurses are pulling a sheet over my head... people I know are crying. I'm supposed to be dead, but I'm still alive! It's strange, because my body is absolutely dead while I'm moving around it from above. I'm alive!

S: Well ... I'm rising up higher ... still floating ... looking back at my body. It's like watching a movie, only I'm in it! The doctor is comforting my wife and daughter. My wife is sobbing (subject wiggles with discomfort in his chair). I'm trying to reach into her mind ... to tell her everything is all right with me. She is so overcome by grief I'm not getting through. I want her to know my suffering is gone ... I'm free of my body ... I don't need it any more ... that I will wait for her. I want her to know that ... but she is ... not listening to me. Oh, I'm moving away now ...


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 10:45 pm

Case 2

Dr. N: Are you in great pain from the arrow?

S: Yes ... the point has torn my throat ... I'm dying (subject begins to whisper while
holding his hands at the throat). I'm choking...
blood pouring down ... Will (husband) is holding me ... the pain ... terrible ... I'm
getting out now ... it's over, anyway.

Note: Souls often leave their human hosts moments before actual death when their
bodies are in great pain. Who can blame them? Nevertheless, they do stay close by
the dying body. After calming techniques, I raise this subject from the subconscious
to the superconscious level for the transition to spiritual memories.

Dr. N: All right, Sally, you have accepted being killed by these Indians. Will you
please describe to me the exact sensation you feel at the time of death?

S: Like ... a force ... of some kind ... pushing me up out of my body.
Dr. N: Pushing you? Out where?

S: I'm ejected out the top of my head.

Dr. N: And what was pushed out?

S: Well-me!

Dr. N: Describe what "me" means. What does the thing that is you look like going
out of the head of your body?

S: (pause) Like a ... pinpoint of light ... radiating...

Dr. N: How do you radiate light?

S: From... my energy. I look sort of transparent white my soul...

Dr. N: And does this energy light stay the same after leaving your body?

S: (pause) I seem to grow a little ... as I move around.

Dr. N: If your light expands, then what do you look like now?

S: A... wispy ... string... hanging ...
Dr. N: And what does the process of moving out of your body actually feel like to

S: Well, it's as if I shed my skin ... peeling a banana. I just lose my body in one

Dr. N: Is the feeling unpleasant?

S: Oh no! It's wonderful to feel so free with no more pain, but ... I am... disoriented
... I didn't expect to die ... (sadness is creeping into my client's voice and I want him
to stay focused on his soul for a minute more, rather than what is taking place on
the ground with his body)

Dr. N: I understand, Sally. You are feeling a little displacement at the moment as a
soul. This is normal in your situation for what you have just gone through. Listen
and respond to my questions. You said you were floating. Are you able to move
around freely right after death?

S: It's strange ... it's as if I'm suspended in air that isn't air ... there are no limits..
no gravity... I'm weightless.

Dr. N: You mean it's sort of like being in a vacuum for you?

S: Yes... nothing around me is a solid mass. There are no obstacles to bump into...
I'm drifting

Dr. N: Can you control your movements-where you are going?

S: Yes ... I can do some of that ... but there is ... a pulling ... into a bright whiteness ...
it's so bright!

Dr. N: Is the intensity of whiteness the same everywhere?

S: Brighter ... away from me ... it's a little darker white ... gray ... in the direction of
my body ... (starts to cry) oh, my poor body ... I'm not ready to leave yet. (subject
pulls back in his chair as if he is resisting something)

Dr. N: It's all right, Sally, I'm with you. I want you to relax and tell me if the force
that took you out of your head at the moment of death is still pulling you away, and
if you can stop it.

S: (pause) When I was free of my body the pulling lessened. Now, I feel a nudge ...
drawing me away from my body ... I don't want to go yet ... but, something wants
me to go soon ...

Dr. N: I understand, Sally, but I suspect you are learning you have some element of
control. How would you describe this thing that is pulling you?

S: A ... kind of magnetic ... force ... but ... I want to stay a little longer ...

Dr. N: Can your soul resist this pulling sensation for as long as you want?

S: (there is a long pause while the subject appears to be carrying on an internal
debate with himself in his former life as Sally) Yes, I can, if I really want to stay.
(subject starts to cry) Oh, it's awful what those savages did to my body. There is
blood all over my pretty blue dress ... my husband Will is trying to hold me and still
fight with our friends against the Kiowa.

Note: I reinforce the imagery of a protective shield around this subject, which is so
important as a foundation to calming procedures. Sally's soul is still hovering over
her body after I move the scene forward in time to when the Indians are driven off
by the wagon train rifles.

Dr. N: Sally, what is your husband doing right after the attack?
S: Oh, good ... he isn't hurt ... but ... (with sadness) he is holding my body ... crying
over me ... there is nothing he can do for me, but he doesn't seem to realize that yet.
I'm cold, but his hands are around my face ... kissing me.

Dr. N: And what are you doing at this moment?

S: I'm over Will's head. I'm trying to console him. I want him to feel my love is not
really gone ... I want him to know he has not lost me forever and that I will see him

Dr. N: Are your messages getting through?

S: There is so much grief, but he ... feels my essence ... I know it. Our friends are
around him ... and they separate us finally ... they want to reform the wagons and
get started again.

Dr. N: And what is going on now with your soul?

S: I'm still resisting the pulling sensation ... I want to stay.
Dr. N: Why is that?

S: Well, I know I'm dead ... but I'm not ready to leave Will yet and I want to watch
them bury me.

Dr. N: Do you see or feel any other spiritual entity around you at this moment?
S: (pause) They are near ... soon I will see them ... I feel their love as I want Will to
feel mine ... they are waiting until I'm ready.

Dr. N: As time passes, are you able to comfort Will?

S: I'm trying to reach inside his mind.

Dr. N: And are you successful?

S: (pause) I ... think a little ... he feels me ... he realizes ... love...

Dr. N: All right, Sally, now we are going to move forward in relative time again. Do
you see your wagon train friends placing your body in some kind of grave?

S: (voice is more confident) Yes, they have buried me. It's time for me to go ... they
are coming for me now... I'm moving... into a brighter light.

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Contrary to what some people believe, souls often have little interest in what happens to their bodies once they are physically dead. This is not callousness over personal situations and the people they leave behind on Earth, but an acknowledgement of these souls to the finality of mortal death. They have a desire to hurry on their way to the beauty of the spirit world.  However, many other souls want to hover around the place where they died for a few Earth days, usually until after their funerals.

Time is apparently accelerated for souls and days on Earth may be only minutes to them. There are a variety of motivations for the lingering soul. For instance, someone who has been murdered or killed unexpectedly in an accident often does not want to leave right away. I find these souls are frequently bewildered or angry. The hovering soul syndrome is particularly true of deaths with young people. To abruptly detach from a human form, even after a long illness, is still a jolt to the average soul and this too may make the soul reluctant to depart at the moment of death.

There is also something symbolic about the normal three- to five-day funeral arrangement periods for souls. Souls really have no morbid curiosity to see themselves buried because emotions in the spirit world are not the same as we experience here on Earth. Yet, I find soul entities appreciate the respect given to the memory of their physical life by surviving relatives and friends.  As we saw in the last case, there is one basic reason for many spirits not wanting to immediately leave the place of their physical death. This comes from a desire to mentally reach out to comfort loved ones before progressing further into the spirit world. Those who have just died are not devastated about their death, because they know those left on Earth will see them again in the spirit world and probably later in other lives as well. On the other hand, mourners at a funeral generally feel they have lost a loved one forever.


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Post by Phuoc Wed Aug 23, 2023 11:20 pm

Case 3

Dr. N: You are now leaving your body. See yourself moving further and further
away from the place where you died, away from the
plane of Earth. Report back to me what you are experiencing.

S: At first ... it was very bright ... close to the Earth ... now it's a little darker because
I have gone into a tunnel.

Dr. N: Describe this tunnel for me.
S: It's a ... hollow, dim vent ... and there is a small circle of light at the other end.

Dr. N: Okay, what happens to you next?

S: I feel a tugging ... a gentle pulling... I think I'm supposed to drift through this
tunnel ... and I do. It is more gray than dark now, because the bright circle is
expanding in front of me. It's as if... (client stops)

Dr. N: Go on.

S: I'm being summoned forward ...

Dr. N: Let the circle of light expand in front of you at the end of the tunnel and
continue to explain what is happening to you.

S: The circle of light grows very wide and ... I'm out of the tunnel. There is a ...
cloudy brightness ... a light fog. I'm filtering through it.

Dr. N: As you leave the tunnel, what else stands out in your mind besides the lack of
absolute visual clarity?

S: (subject lowers voice) It's so ... still ... it is such a quiet place to be in ... I am in the
place of spirits

Dr. N: Do you have any other impressions at this moment as a soul?

S: Thought! I feel the ... power of thought all around .......  

Dr. N: Just relax completely and let your impressions come through easily as you
continue to report back to me exactly what is happening to you. Please go on.

S: Well, it's hard to put into words. I feel... thoughts of love companionship ...
empathy ... and it's all combined with ... anticipation ... as if others are ... waiting for me.
Dr. N: Do you have a sense of security, or are you a little scared?

S: I'm not scared. When I was in the tunnel, I was more ... disoriented. Yes, I feel
secure ... I'm aware of thoughts reaching out to me of caring ... nurturing. It is
strange, but there is also the understanding around me of just who I am and why I
am here now.

Dr. N: Do you see any evidence of this around you?

S: (in a hushed tone) No, I sense it-a harmony of thought everywhere.
Dr. N: You mentioned cloud-like substances around you right after leaving the
tunnel. Are you in a sky over Earth?

S: (pause) No-not that-but I seem to be floating through cloud stuff which is
different from Earth.

Dr. N: Can you see the Earth at all? Is it below you?

S: Maybe it is, but I haven't seen it since I went in the tunnel.

Dr. N: Do you sense you are still connected to Earth through another dimension,

S: That's a possibility-yes. In my mind Earth seems close ... and I still feel connected
to Earth ... but I know I'm in another space.

Dr. N: What else can you tell me about your present location?

S: It's still a little ... murky ... but I'm moving out of this.


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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 12:07 pm

Once through the tunnel, our souls have passed the initial gateway of their journey into the spirit world. Most now fully realize they are not really dead, but have simply left the encumbrance of an Earth body which has died. With this awareness comes acceptance in varying degrees depending upon the soul. Some subjects look at these surroundings with continued amazement while others are more matter-of-fact in reporting to me what they see. Much depends upon their respective maturity and recent life experiences. The most common type of reaction I hear is a relieved sigh followed by something on the order of, " wonderful, I'm home in this beautiful place again."

There are those highly developed souls who move so fast out of their bodies that much of what I am describing here is a blur as they home into their spiritual destinations. These are the pros and, in my opinion, they are a distinct minority on Earth. The average soul does not move that rapidly and some are very hesitant. If we exclude the rare cases of highly disturbed spirits who fight to stay connected with their dead bodies, I find it is the younger souls with fewer past lives who remain attached to Earth's environment right after death.

Most of my subjects report that as they emerge from the mouth of the tunnel, things are still unclear for awhile. I think this is due to the density of the nearest astral plane surrounding Earth, called the kamaloka by Theosophists. The next case describes this area from the perspective of a more analytical client.


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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 12:17 pm

Case 4

Dr. N: As you move further away from the tunnel, describe what you see around
you in as much detail as possible.

S: Things are ... layered.

Dr. N: Layered in what way?

S: Umm, sort of like ... a cake.

Dr. N: Using a cake as a model, explain what you mean?

S: I mean some cakes have small tops and are wide at the bottom. It's not like that
when I get through the tunnel. I see layers ... levels of light ... they appear to me to
be .. translucent... indented...

Dr. N: Do you see the spirit world here as made up of a solid structure?

S: That's what I'm trying to explain. It's not solid, although you might think so at
first. It's layered-the levels of light are all woven together in ... stratified threads. I
don't want to make it sound like things are not symmetrical-they are. But I see
variations in thickness and color refraction in the layers. They also shift back and
forth. I always notice this as I travel away from Earth.

Dr. N: Why do you think this is so?  

S: I don't know. I didn't design it.

Dr. N: From your description, I picture the spirit world as a huge tier with layers of
shaded sections from top to bottom.

S: Yes, and the sections are rounded-they curve away from me as I float through

Dr. N: From your position of observation, can you tell me about the different colors of the layers?

S: I didn't say the layers had any major color tones. They are all variations of white.
It is lighter ... brighter where I'm going, than where I have been. Around me now is
a hazy whiteness which was much brighter than the tunnel.

Dr. N: As you float through these spiritual layers, is your soul moving up or down?

S: Neither. I am moving across.

Dr. N: Well, then, do you see the spirit world at this moment in linear dimensions of
lines and angles as you move across?

S: (pause) For me it is ... mostly sweeping, non-material energy which is broken into
layers by light and dark color variations. I think something is ... pulling me into my
proper level of travel and trying to relax me, too ...

Dr. N: In what way?

S: I'm hearing sounds.

Dr. N: What sounds?

S: An ... echo ... of music ... musical tingling ... wind chimes ... vibrating with my movements ... so relaxing.

Dr. N: Other people have defined these sounds as vibrational in nature, similar to
riding on the resonance from the twang of a tuning fork. Do you agree or disagree
with this description?

S: (nods in assent) Yes, that's what this is ... and I have a memory of scent and taste, too.

Dr. N: Does this mean our physical senses stay with us after death?

S: Yes, the memory of them ... the waves of musical notes here are so beautiful ...
bells ... strings, such tranquility

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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 12:26 pm

The noise one hears  may vary in volume before souls pull away from what I believe to be the Earth's astral plane. People have said they hear these same sounds when under general anesthesia. These flat, ringing sounds become more musical when we leave the tunnel. This music has been appropriately called energy of the universe because it revitalizes the soul.

With subjects who speak about spiritual layering, I mention the possibility that they could be seeing astral planes. In metaphysical writing, we read a lot about planes above the Earth. Beginning with ancient Indian scriptures called the Vedas, followed by later Eastern texts, astral planes have historically represented a series of rising dimensions above the physical or tangible world, which blend into the spiritual. These invisible regions have been experienced by people over thousands of years through meditative, out-of-body observations of the mind. Astral planes also have been described as being less dense as one moves farther away from the heavy influences of Earth.

The next case represents a soul who is still troubled after passing through the spiritual tunnel. This is a man who, at age thirty-six, died of a heart attack on a Chicago street in 1902. He left behind a large family of young children and a wife who was deeply loved. They were very poor.



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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 12:34 pm

Case 5

Dr. N: Can you see clearly yet as you travel beyond the tunnel?

S: I'm still passing through these... foamy clouds around me.

Dr. N: I want you to move all the way through this and tell me what you see now.

S: (pause) Oh ... I'm out of it ... my God, this place is big! It's so bright and clean-it
even smells good. I am looking at a beautiful ice palace.

Dr. N: Tell me more.

S: (with amazement) It's enormous ... it looks like bright, sparkling crystal ...
colored stones shining all around me.

Dr. N: When you say crystalline, I think of a clear color.

S: Well, there are mostly grays and white ... but as I float along I do see other colors
... mosaics ... all glittery.

Dr. N: Look into the distance from within this ice palace-do you see any boundaries

S: No, this space is infinite ... so majestic ... and peaceful.  

Dr. N: What are you feeling right now?

S: I... can't fully enjoy it ... I don't want to go further ... Maggie (subject's widow)

Dr. N: I can see you are still disturbed about the Chicago life, but does this inhibit
your progress into the spirit world?

S: (subject jerks upright in my office chair) Good! I see my guide coming towards
me-she knows what I need.

Dr. N: Tell me what transpires between you and your guide.  

S: I say to her I can't go on... that I need to know Maggie and the children are going
to be okay.

Dr. N: And how does your guide respond?

S: She is comforting me-but I'm too loaded down.

Dr. N: What do you say to her?

S: (shouting) I tell her, "Why did you allow this to happen? How could you do this
to me? You made me go through such pain and hardship with Maggie and now you
cut off our life together."

Dr. N: What does your guide do?

S: She is trying to soothe me. Telling me I did a good job and that I will see my life
ran its intended course.

Dr. N: Do you accept what she says?

S: (pause) In my mind... information comes to me ... of the future on Earth ... that
the family is getting on without me ... accepting that I am gone ... they are going to
make it ... and we will all see each other again.

Dr. N: And how does this make you feel?

S: I feel ... peace ... (with a sigh) .. I am ready to go on now.


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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 12:50 pm

Further into the spirit world, my subjects will talk about seeing buildings and being in furnished rooms. The state of hypnosis by itself does not create these images.

Logically, people should not be recalling such physical structures in a non-material world unless we consider these scenes of Earth's natural environment are intended to aid in the soul's transition and adjustment from a physical death. These sights have individual meaning for every soul communicating with me, all of whom are affected by their Earth experiences.

When the soul sees images in the spirit world which relate to places they have lived or visited on Earth, there is a reason....because a benevolent spiritual force allows for terrestrial mirages to comfort us by their familiarity.

If a soul has been traumatized by unfinished business, usually the first entity it sees right after death is its guide. These highly developed spiritual teachers are prepared to take the initial brunt of a soul's frustration following an untimely death.

New arrivals in the spirit world have little time to float around wondering where they are or what is going to happen to them next. Our guides and a number of soulmates and friends wait for us close to the gateway to provide recognition, affection, and the assurance we are all right. Actually, we feel their presence from the moment of death because much of our initial readjustment depends upon the inflluence of these kindly entities toward our returning soul.

The soul in my next case has just come through the spiritual gateway and is met by an advanced entity who obviously has had close connections with the subject over a prolonged series of past lives. Although this soulmate entity is not my client's primary guide, he is there to welcome and provide loving encouragement for her.



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Case 6

Dr. N: What do you see around you?

S: It's as if ... I'm drifting along on ... pure white sand ... which is shifting around me
... and I'm under a giant beach umbrella-with brightly colored panels-all vaporized,
but banded together, too ...

Dr. N: Is anyone here to meet you?

S: (pause) I ... thought I was alone ... but ... (a long hesitation) in the distance ... uh ...
light ... moving fast towards me ... oh, my gosh!

Dr. N: What is it?

S: (excitedly) Uncle Charlie! (loudly) Uncle Charlie, I'm over here!

Dr. N: Why does this particular person come to meet you first?

S: (in a preoccupied far-off voice) Uncle Charlie, I've missed you so much.

Dr. N: (I repeat my question)

S: Because, of all my relatives, I loved him more than anybody. He died when I was
a child and I never got over it. (on a Nebraska farm in this subject's most immediate past life)

Dr. N: How do you know it's Uncle Charlie? Does he have features you recognize?

S: (subject is squirming with excitement in her chair) Sure, sure-just as I remember
him-jolly, kind, lovable-he is next to me. (chuckles)

Dr. N: What is so funny?

S: Uncle Charlie is just as fat as he used to be.

Dr. N: And what does he do next?

S: He is smiling and holding out his hand to me

Dr. N: Does this mean he has a body of some sort with hands?

S: (laughs) Well, yes and no. I'm floating around and so is he. It's ... in my mind ...
he is showing all of himself to me ... and what I am most aware of ... is his hand stretched out to me.

Dr. N: Why is he holding out his hand to you in a materialized way?

S: (pause) To ... comfort me ... to lead me ... further into the light.

Dr. N: And what do you do?

S: I'm going with him and we are thinking about the good times we spent together
playing in the hay on the farm.

Dr. N: And he is letting you see all this in your mind so you will know who he is?

S: Yes ... as I knew him in my last life ... so I won't be afraid. He knows I am still a
little shocked over my death. (subject had died suddenly in an automobile accident)

Dr. N: Then, right after death, no matter how many deaths we may have
experienced in other lives, it is possible to be a little fearful until we get used to the
spirit world again?

S: It's not really fear-that's wrong-more like I'm apprehensive, maybe. It varies for
me each time. The car crash caught me unprepared. I'm still a little mixed up.

Dr. N: All right, let's go forward a bit more. What is Uncle Charlie doing now?

S: He is taking me to the ... place I should go ...

Dr. N: On the count of three, let's go there. One-two-three! Tell me what is happening.

S: (long pause) There... are ... other people around ... and they look... friendly... as I
approach ... they seem to want me to join them...

Dr. N: Continue to move towards them. Do you get the impression they might be
waiting for you?

S: (recognition) Yes! In fact, I realize I have been with them before (pause) No,
don't go!

Dr. N: What's happening now?

S: (very upset) Uncle Charlie is leaving me. Why is he going away?  

Dr. N: (I stop the dialogue to use standard calming techniques in these
circumstances, and then we continue.) Look deeply with your inner mind. You must
realize why Uncle Charlie is leaving you at this point?

S: (more relaxed but with regret) Yes ... he stays in a ... different place than I do ...
he just came to meet me .. to bring me here.

Dr. N: I think I understand. Uncle Charlie's job was to be the first person to meet
you after your death and see you were okay. I'd like to know if you feel better now,
and more at home.

S: Yes, I do. That's why Uncle Charlie has left me with the others.



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Case 7

Dr. N: Now that you have had the chance to adjust to your surroundings in the
spirit world, tell me what effect this place has on you.

S: It's so ... warm and comforting. I'm relieved to be away from Earth. I just want to
stay here always. There is no tension, or worries, only a sense of well-being. I'm just
floating ... how beautiful...

Dr. N: As you continue to float along, what is your next major impression as you
pass the spiritual gateway?

S: (pause) Familiarity.

Dr. N: What is familiar?

S: (after some hesitation) Uh mm... people ... friends ... are here, I think.

Dr. N: Do you see these people as familiar people on Earth?

S: I ... have a sensation of their presence ... people I knew

Dr. N: All right, keep moving along. What do you see next?

S: Lights... soft... kind of cloudy-like.

Dr. N: As you are moving, does this light continue to look the same?

S: No, they are growing ... blobs of energy ... and I know they are people!

Dr. N: Are you moving toward them, or are they coming toward you?

S: We are drifting toward each other, but I am going slower than they are because
... I'm uncertain what to do

Dr. N: Just relax and continue floating while reporting back to me everything you

S: (pause) Now I'm seeing half-formed human shapes-from the waist up only. Their
outlines are transparent, too ... I can see through them.

Dr. N: Do you see any sort of features to these shapes?

S: (anxiously) Eyes!

Dr. N: You see just eyes?

S: ... There is only a trace of a mouth-it's nothing. (alarmed) The eyes are all around
me now... coming closer ...

Dr. N: Does each entity have two eyes?

S: That's right.

Dr. N: Do these eyes have the appearance of human eyes with an iris and pupil?

S: No ... different ... they are ... larger ... black orbs ... radiating light... towards me ...
thought ... (then with a relieved sigh) oh!

Dr. N: Go on.

S: I'm starting to recognize them-they are sending images into my mind-thoughts
about themselves and ... the shapes are changing into people!

Dr. N: People with physical human features?

S: Yes. Oh ... look! It's him!

Dr. N: What do you see?

S: (begins to laugh and cry at the same time) I think it's ... yes it's Larry-he is in
front of everybody else-he is the first one I really see ... Larry, Larry!

Dr. N: (after giving my subject a chance to recover a little) The soul entity of Larry
is in front of an assortment of people you know?

S: Yes, now I know the ones I want most to see are in front... some of my other
friends are in the back.

Dr. N: Can you see them all clearly?

S: No, the ones in back are ... hazy ... far off... but, I have the sensation of their
presence. Larry is in front ... coming up to me Larry!

Dr. N: Larry is the husband from your last life you told me about earlier?

S: (subject rushes on) Yes-we had such a wonderful life together--Gunther was so
strong-everyone was against our marriage in his family-Jean deserted from the navy
to save me from the bad life I was living in Marseilles - always wanting me

This subject is so excited her past lives are tumbling one on top of the other. Larry, Gunther, and Jean were all former husbands, but the same soulmate. I was glad we had a chance to review earlier who these people were in sessions before this interval of recall in the spirit world. Besides Larry, her recent American husband, Jean was a French sailor in the nineteenth century and Gunther was the son of German aristocrats living in the eighteenth century.

Dr. N: What are the two of you doing right now?

S: Embracing.

Dr. N: If a third party were to look at the two of you embracing at this moment,
what would they see?

S: (no answer)

Dr. N: (the subject is so engrossed in the scene with her soulmate there are tears
streaming down her face. I wait a moment and then try again.) What would you and
Larry look like to someone watching you in the spirit world right now?

S: They would see... two masses of bright light whirling around each other, I guess
... (subject begins to settle down and I help wipe the tears off her face with a tissue)

Dr. N: And what does this signify?

S: We are hugging ... expressing love ... connecting ... it makes us happy ...

Dr. N: After you meet your soulmate, what happens next?

S: (subject tightly grips the recliner arms) Oh-they are all here-I only sensed them
before. Now more are coming closer to me.

Dr. N: And this happens after your husband comes near you?

S: Yes ... Mother! She is coming over to me ... I've missed her so much... oh, Mom...
(subject begins to cry again)

Dr. N: All right ...

S: Oh, please don't ask me any questions now-I want to enjoy this (subject appears
to be in silent conversation with her mother of the last life)

Dr. N: (I wait for a minute) Now, I know you are enjoying this meeting, but I need
you to help me know what is going on.

S: (in a faraway voice) We ... we are just holding each other ... it's so good to be with
her again

Dr. N: How do you manage to hold each other with no bodies?

S: (with a sigh of exasperation at me) We envelop each other in light, of course.

Dr. N: Tell me what that is like for spirits?

S: Like being wrapped in a bright-light blanket of love.

Dr. N: I see, then ....

S: (subject interrupts with a high pitched laugh of recognition) Tim!... it's my
brother-he died so young (a drowning accident at age fourteen in her last life). It's
so wonderful to see him here. (subject waves her arm) And there is my best girl
friend Wilma-from next door-we are laughing together over boys like we did while
sitting up in her attic

Dr. N: (after subject mentions her aunt and a couple of other friends) What do you
think determines the sequence of how all these people come here to greet you?

S: (pause) Why, how much we all mean to each other-what else?

Dr. N: And with some, you have lived many lives, while with others perhaps only
one or two?

S: Yes ... I have been with my husband the most.

Dr. N: Do you see your guide around anywhere?

S: He is here. I see him floating off to the side. He knows some of my friends, too ...

Dr. N: Why do you call your guide a "him?"

S: We all show what we want of ourselves. He always relates to me with a masculine
nature. It's right and very natural.

Dr. N: And does he watch over you in all your lives?

S: Sure, and after death too ... here, and he is always my protector.



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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 2:25 pm

I find there are a different number of entities waiting in greeting parties after each life. Although the meeting format varies, depending on a soul's special needs, I have learned there is nothing haphazard about our spiritual associates knowing exactly when we are due and where to meet us upon our arrival in the spirit world. Frequently, an entity who is significant to us will be waiting a little in front of the others who want to be on hand as we come through the gateway.  

The size of welcoming parties not only changes for everyone after each life, but is drastically reduced to almost nothing for more advanced souls where spiritual comfort becomes less necessary. Case 9, at the end of this chapter, is an example of this type of spiritual passage.


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