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Chuyện Ma

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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 2:52 pm

Case 8

Dr. N: You have just started to actually leave the Earth's astral plane now, and are
moving further and further into the spirit world. I want you to tell me what you feel.

S: The silence ... so peaceful ...

Dr. N: Is anyone coming to meet you?

S: Yes, it's my friend Rachel. She is always here for me when I die.

Dr. N: Is Rachel a soulmate who has been with you in other lives, or is she someone
who always remains here?

S: (with some indignation) She doesn't always stay here. No, she is with me a lot-in
my mind-when I need her. She is my own guardian (said with possessive pride).

Note: The attributes of guides as differentiated from soulmates and other supportive
entities will be examined in Chapter Eight.

Dr. N: Why do you call this entity a "she"? Aren't spirits supposed to be sexless?

S: That's right-in a literal way, because we are capable of both attributes. Rachel
wants to show herself to me as a woman for the visual knowing and it is a mental
thing as well with her.

Dr. N: Are you locked into male or female attributes during your spiritual existence?

S: No. As souls there are periods in our existence when we are more inclined toward
one gender than another. Eventually, this natural preference evens out.

Dr. N: Would you describe how Rachel's soul actually looks to you at this moment?

S: (quietly) A youngish woman ... as I remember her best ... small, with delicate
features ... a determined expression on her face ... so much knowledge and love.

Dr. N: Then you have known Rachel on Earth?

S: (responding with nostalgia) Once, long ago, she was close to me in life ... now she is my guardian.

Dr. N: And what do you feel when you look at her?

S: A calmness ... tranquility ... love ...

Dr. N: Do you and Rachel actually look at each other with eyes in a human way?

S: (hesitates) Sort of ... but different. You see the mind behind what we take to be
eyes, because that is what we relate to on Earth. Of course, we can do the same thing
as humans on Earth, too ...

Dr. N: What can you do on Earth with your eyes that can also be done in the spirit world?

S: When you look into a certain person's eyes on the ground-even people you have
just met-and see a light you have known before well, that tells you something about
them. As a human you don't know why-but your soul remembers.

Note: I have heard about the light of spiritual identity being reflected in the human
eyes of a soulmate expressed in a variety of ways from many clients. As for myself, I
have knowingly experienced this instant recognition only once in my life at the
moment I first saw my own wife. The effect is startling, and a bit eerie as well.

Dr. N: Are you saying that sometimes on Earth when two people look at each other,
they may feel they have known one another before?

S: Yes, it's deja vu.

Dr. N: Let's go back to Rachel in the spirit world. If your guardian did not project
an image of herself in human form to you, would you have known her anyway?

S: Well, naturally we can always identify each other by the mind. But, it's nicer this
way. I know it sounds crazy, but it's a ... social thing ... seeing a familiar face puts at ease.

Dr. N: Seeing human features of people you knew in past lives is a good thing then,
particularly in the readjustment period right after leaving Earth?

S: Yeah, otherwise you feel a little lost at first ... lonesome ... and maybe confused,
too ... seeing people as they were helps me get used to things here faster when I first
come back, and seeing Rachel is always a big boost.

Dr. N: Does Rachel present herself to you in human form right after each death on
Earth as a way of getting you readjusted to the spirit world?

S: (eagerly) Oh, yes-she does! And she gives me security. I feel better when I see
others I have known before too ...

Dr. N: And do you speak to these people?

S: No one speaks, we communicate by the mind.

Dr. N: Telepathically?

S: Yes.

Dr. N: Is it possible for souls to have private conversations which cannot be
telepathically picked up by others?

S: (pause) ... for intimacy-yes.

Dr. N: How is this done?

S: By touch-it's called touching communication.

Note: When two spirits come so close to each other they are conjoined, my subjects
say they can send private thoughts by touch which passes between them as
"electrical sound impulses." In most instances, subjects in hypnosis do not wish to
talk to me about these personal confidences.

Dr. N: Could you clarify for me how human features can be projected by you as a

S: From ... my mass of energy... I just think of the features I want ... but I can't tell
you what gives me the ability to do this.

Dr. N: Well, then, can you tell me why you and the other souls project certain
features at different times?

S: (long pause) It depends on where you are in your movements around here ...
when you see another... and your state of mind then.

Dr. N: That's what I want to get at. Tell me more about recognition.

S: You see, recognition depends on a person's ... feelings when you meet them here.
They will show you what they want you to see of themselves and what they think
you want to see. It also depends on the circumstances of your meeting with them.

Dr. N: Can you be more specific? What different circumstances can cause energy
forms to materialize in a certain way toward other spirits?

S: It is the difference between your being on their turf or your turf. They may
choose to show you one set of features in one place, while in another you might see
something else. Note: Spiritual "territory" will be explained as we proceed further into the spirit

Dr. N: Are you telling me that a soul may show you one face at the gateway to the
spirit world and another image later in a different situation?

S: That's right.  

Dr. N: Why?

S: Like I was telling you, a lot of how we present ourselves to each other depends on
what we are feeling right then ... what relationship we have with a certain person
and where we are.

Dr. N: Please tell me if I understand all this correctly. The identity souls project to
each other depends on timing and location in the Spirit world as well as mood, and
maybe psychological states of mind when they meet?

S: Sure, and it works both ways ... it's interconnecting.

Dr. N: Then, how can we know the true character of a soul's consciousness with all
these changes in each other's image?

S: (laughs) The image you project never hides who you really are from the rest of
us. Anyway, it's not the same kind of emotion we know on Earth. Here it is more ...
abstract. Why we project certain features and thoughts ... is based on a ...
confirmation of ideas.

Dr. N: Ideas? Do you mean your sentiments at the time?

S: Yes ... sort of... because these human features were part of our physical lives in
other places when we discovered things ... and developed ideas ... it is all a ...
continuum for us to use here.

Dr. N: Well, if in each of our past lives we have a different face, which one do we
assume between lives?

S: We mix it up. You assume those features which the person you see will most
recognize as you, depending on what you want to communicate.

Dr. N: What about communication without projecting features?

S: Sure, we do that-it's normal-but I mentally associate with people more quickly
with features.

Dr. N: Do you favor projecting a certain set of facial features?

S: Hmm ... I like the face with the mustache ... having a rock-hard jaw...

Dr. N: You mean when you were Jeff Tanner, the cowpuncher from Texas in the life
we discussed earlier?

S: (laughs) That's it-and I have had faces like Jeff's in other lives, too.

Dr. N: But, why Jeff? Was it just because he was you in your last life?

S: No, I felt good as Jeff. It was a happy, uncomplicated life. Damn, I looked great!
My face resembled those billboard smoking ads you used to see along the highway.
(chuckling) I enjoy showing off my handle-bar mustache as Jeff.

Dr. N: But that was only one life. People not associated with you in that life may not
recognize you here.

S: Oh, they would get it was me soon enough. I could change to something else, but
I like myself as Jeff the best right now.

Dr. N: So, this goes back to what you were saying about all of us really only having
one identity, regardless of the number of facial features we might project as souls?

S: Yeah, you see everyone as they truly are. Some only want their best side to show
because of what you might think of them-they don't fully appreciate that it is what
you are striving for which is important, not how you appear. We get a lot of laughs
about how spirits think they should look, even taking faces they never had on Earth,
and that's okay.

Dr. N: Are we talking about the more immature souls, then?

S: Yes, usually. They can get stuck ... we don't judge ... in the end they are going to
be all right.

Dr. N: I think of the spirit world as a place of supreme all-knowing intelligent
consciousness and you make it appear that souls have moods and vanity as though
they were back on Earth?

S: (burst of laughter) People are people no matter how they look on their physical

Dr. N: Oh, do you see souls who have gone to planets other than Earth?

S: (pause) Once in a while ...

Dr. N: What features do souls from other planets besides Earth show you?

S: (evasively) I ... kind of stick with my own people, but we can assume any features
we want for communication ...

Note: Gaining information from the subjects I have had who are able to recall
leading physical past lives in non-human form on other worlds is always
challenging. Recollection of these experiences are usually limited to older, more
advanced souls, as we will see later.

Dr. N: Is this ability to transmit features to each other as souls a gift the creator
provided for us based upon spiritual need?

S: How should I know-I'm not God!



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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 3:05 pm

Case 9

Dr. N: What happens to you at the moment of death?

S: I feel a great sense of release and I move out fast.

Dr. N: How would you characterize your departure from Earth into the spirit world?

S: I shoot up like a column of light and I'm on my way.

Dr. N: Has it always been this fast for you?

S: No, only after my last series of lives.

Dr. N: Why?

S: I know the way, I don't need to see anybody-I'm in a hurry.  

Dr. N: And it doesn't bother you that you are not met by anyone?

S: (laughs) There was a time when it was good, but I don't require that sort of thing anymore.

Dr. N: Whose decision was it to allow you to enter the spirit world without assistance?

S: (pause and then with a shrug) It was ... a mutual decision ... between my teacher
and me ... when I knew I could handle things by myself.

Dr. N: And you don't feel rather lost or lonely right now?

S: Are you kidding? I don't need my hand held anymore. I know where I'm going
and I'm anxious to get there. I'm being pulled along by a magnet and I just enjoy
the ride.

Dr. N: Explain to me how this pulling process works which will take you to your destination?

S: I am riding on a wave ... a beam of light.

Dr. N: Is this beam electromagnetic, or what?

S: Well ... it's similar to the bands of a radio with someone turning the dial and
finding the right frequency for me.

Dr. N: Are you saying you are being guided by an invisible force without much
voluntary control and that you can't speed things up as you did right after death?

S: Yes. I must go with the wave bands of light ... the waves have direction and I'm
flowing with it. It's easy. They do it all for you.

Dr. N: Who does it for you?

S: The ones in control ... I don't really know.

Dr. N: Then you are not in control. You don't have the responsibility of finding your
own destination.

S: (pause) My mind is in tune with the movement ... I flow with the resonance ...

Dr. N: Resonance? You hear sounds?

S: Yes, the wave beam ... vibrates ... I'm locked into this, too.

Dr. N: Let's go back to your statement about the radio. Is your spiritual travel
influenced by vibrational frequencies such as high, medium, and low resonance

S: (laughing) That's not bad-yes, and I'm on a line, like a homing beacon of sound
and light... and it's part of my own tonal pattern-my frequency.

Dr. N: I'm not sure I understand how light and vibration combine to set up
directional bands.

S: Think of a monster tuning fork inside a flashing strobe light.

Dr. N: Oh, then there is energy here?

S: We have energy-within an energy field. So, it isn't just the lines we travel on ... we
generate energy ourselves ... we can use these forces depending on our experience.

Dr. N: Then your maturity level does give you some element of control in the rate and direction of travel.

S: Yes, but not right here. Later, when I am settled I can move around much more
on my own. Now, I'm being pulled and I'm supposed to go with it.

Dr. N: Okay, stay with this and describe to me what happens next.

S: (short pause) I'm moving alone ... being homed into my proper space... going where I belong.



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Post by Phuoc Thu Aug 24, 2023 3:08 pm



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Post by Phuoc Sat Aug 26, 2023 10:17 pm

Until her death in October 2014, Dolores Cannon was recognized as a pioneer in the field of past-life regression. She was a hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of  “Lost Knowledge”. Her roots in hypnosis went back to the 1960s, and specialized in past-life therapy since the 1970s.

Dolores Cannon viết rất nhiều sách, kể lại những lần thôi miên của bà.  Mình quote vài chuyện, đọc cho vui.  From the Convoluted Universe Book II:

" I had an interesting explanation for fibroid tumors in the uterus.  The woman had had serveral abortions.  She had good reasons for them because at the time she already had serveral children,  and was having a very difficult time to support them.  She felt under the circumstances she could not add to the burden by having more children.  She said the abortions did not bother her and that she had come to terms with it, but her subconscious and her body knew otherwise.  She began having problems with fibroid tumors.  During the session her subconscious said she was feeling more guilt than she realized, and the fibroid tumors represented unborn babies.  Once she came to terms with this the tumors began to shrink, and disappeared without the need of surgery.

Sexual diseases: herpes/hysterectomy/cysts on ovaries/protate problems, etc.  have been traced to sexual misbehavior or mistreatment of the opposite sex in other lives.  These can also be a method of keeping the oppoiste sex away in this life, or be self-described as punishment.  A woman had endometriosis, problems with her female organs that affected her back.  She never had any children although she had been married for 19 years.  Her doctor wanted to operate and remove her ovaries and tubes to clear up the sexual problem.  Her past lives revealed: female organ problems sometimes stem from a pattern of living several lives as priests and nuns who had to be celibate.  This caused the suppression (repression) of sexual feelings and activities.

Vows in other lives are very powerful.  Especially vows of poverty often carry over and cause money problems in the present life.  These must be recognized as necessary in the former life, but now they can be renounced as inappropriate.  

Sometimes the person has been one sex throughout many lives and suddenly find themselves in the body of the opposite sex.  They develop diseases and problems as a way of rejecting the body, especially the parts of the body that have to do with the hormones.  I have found this is also one explanation for homosexuality.  The person has had many lives as one sex, and have difficulty adjusting to life as the opposite sex."


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Post by Phuoc Sat Aug 26, 2023 10:45 pm

"There are many explanations for being overweight.  Some are easy to predict: the person died of starvation in another life, or caused others to starve.  Sometimes the weight is protection.  The person puts on the padding to protect themselves from something (either real or perceived) in the present life, or as an effort to make themselves unattractive in order to keep from being hurt.  My job is to try to find what they are protecting themselves from etc.  Often the person is the last one realize this is the cause, yet when it is explained under hypnosis it makes perfect sense.  Then the client can make a recovery.

I have also had unexpected explanations for being overweight.  One woman went back to a lifetime where she was the leader of a clan in Scotland.  The job was very demanding and she greatly felt the responsibility of it.  When the man died he still felt this, and dropped a very important clue when she said (after the death).  "I will never be rid of the weight of this responsibility."  Very important words that the subconscious had taken seriously and carried forth to the present life.

An unusual case where a woman saw herself as an alien who crashed on Earth through an accident, and was taken care of by natives.  He had many abnormal abilities that attracted attention.  One was that the different gravity on Earth caused him to float unexpectedly.  This triggered the desire to keep herself from floating and attracting attention in the present lifetime by adding extra weight, even though it logically did not make sense."


I have traced many cases of asthma back to past lives where the person usually died from smothering, or something to do with the lungs or the breathing, such as their environment (dust, sand, ect.).

Many fears and phobias can be easily traced back to the way a person died in a past life.  Fear of heights, fear of the dark, claustrophobia, agoraphobia are easy to understand when viewed from this perspective.

In my work I have found there are as many ways to repay karma as there are stars in the sky.  But the least desirable way to repay a murder is come back and be killed by your victim.  There does not solve anything.  It just keeps the wheel of karma turning, and only breeds more karma.  I was told the best way for a murderer to repay for his crime is the "soft way", through love.  For instance, the person who was the murderer would be put in a position where they would have to take care of their victim.  This is a much wiser way to repay than "an eye for an eye".

I have found cases of infertility caused by dying in childbirth in another life.  An attempt by the subconscious to keep it from happening again.  Sometimes the subconscious uses strange logic.


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Post by Phuoc Sat Aug 26, 2023 10:59 pm

I have found in my work that there are more souls waiting in line for handicapped bodies than normal ones.  This is easy to understand from the spirit viewpoint.  The plan for reincarnating on Earth is to repay as much karma in one lifetime as possible, to avoid having to return again and again.  More karma can be repaid through a handicapped body.  The soul is learning great lessons, and also the caretakers (parents, ect.).  And these people have agreed before coming into this lifetime that they will take care of the individual and help them as much as possible.  Everything in life is about lessons, although some are more difficult than others.  Also, what lessons are being learned by everyone who sees the handicapped person?  How does the observer react?  The handicapped are teaching everyone they come in contact with.  Thus they are not to be pitied or shunned.  They are to be accepted and admired for choosing a difficult path in this lifetime.



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Post by Phuoc Sun Aug 27, 2023 1:19 pm

In my work, I have discovered that the real part of us: our soul or spirit, never sleeps.  Th physical body is the part that gets tired and must rest.  The spirit has no need for this.  I always say, "It would get bored waiting around for the body to wake up so it can continue life."  So while the body is asleep the spirit is having many different adventures on its own.  It can travel anywhere in the world, or go to the spirit side and converse with its guides and the masters and elders or to get more information, and attend classes and take training.  I hear from many of my readers who report dreams of attending school while in the sleep state.  I try to explain to them that it probably is real, because this is a favorite place for the spirit to revisit.  They can also travel to other planets or other dimensions.  Normally, the conscious part has no memories of these journeys unless it remembers dreams of flying or unfamiiar places.  This is the same thing that is experienced in Out of the Body travel, when the person has trained themself to go out of their body and remember what they see.  


There are many schools on the spirit side.  The most advanced are located in the Temple of Wisdom complex which have the Great Halls of Learning where absolutely everything known, and unknown to be learned.  Many of the teachers are advanced guides who have completed enough of their karma that they do not need to return to Earth for more lessons.  They are in a position to teach and train others.  "You cannot become a guide as long as you need a guide."  Normally the training to become a guide begins when the person has left the Earth plane.  However, things on Earth are changing rapidly and the training must change with it.  

There are so many problems on Earth at the present time that many advanced souls have incarnated, not to work out their own karma, but to help the others who are in the physical.  Of course, they do not know this consciously, that they are advanced souls sent to Earth for this specific purposes.  But I am encountering more and more of them through my work, and their subconscious is no longer hesitant to tell them they have a job to do, and they had better get on with it instead of wasting valuable time.  It is emphasized that the time is growing short, and they have to proceed with the job they volunteered to do.

Because there are so many advanced souls who have returned to the Earth plane, some of the spiritual training is done in the sleep state.  Some of the training that these souls receive is how to assist souls who are departing the Earth through the death process.  They are not sent out to do the work on their own until they have had enough training or experience or confidence to feel they can handle it.  Their main job is to lead the person in the right direction and out of confusion, so the more experienced and proper "greeter" can take over.  Besides, the helper cannot go beyond a certain point until it is their time to leave the body.


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Post by Phuoc Sun Aug 27, 2023 1:40 pm

When a spirit elects to return to Earth for another cycle of living ahuman life in a physical body, it comes with its plan for what it wishes to accomplish this time around.  It has already met with the elders and masters, gone over the life it just left, and made dicisions, plans and goals.  It has made agreements with other spirits that it had associations with for debts to repay.  And with their permission, certain things would be worked out and certain lessons would be learned.  It comes back to Earth with its nice little plan wrapped up like a Christmas present.  The problem is that this is a planet of free will.  This is what makes Earth so challenging.  And everyone else is coming in with their nice little plans.

And because of free will, these plans and hopes and fears will sometimes clash.  Also the spirit incarnates with all memories erased of what the plans were in the first place.  Only the subconscious remembers.  I asked one time, why couldn't we remember?  Wouldn't it make it easier?  I was told, "It wouldn't be a test if you knew the answers."  So we come to Earth and think we are prepared to face the challenges that will be put in our way as we work toward our goals, dreams and aspirations or challenges.  But oftentimes, we are not prepared as we think we are.  It always looks easier from the other side.

While we are living through the frustrations of physical life, we get sucked up in everything that makes us "human".  Hopefully we will work it out and pass the test to progess to the next "grade".  Or we goof up and we will have to come back and do it all over again. you can't proceed to the next grade or class until you finish the lessons and tests of this one.  You can go backwards in this school, but you cannot skip a class.  There are very strict schoolmasters with very strict rules and regulations.  Yet paradoxically, these schoolmasters are also very kind, just and understanding.

Just as we come into life with a plan, we also have a plan for our departure from this life.  Everyone decides before entering how they will exit.  This is said with all emotion removed, and must be understood that way.  None of this is known on the conscious level, and it is probably very wise that we don't remember these plans.  People always say they don't want to die, they do not want to get sick, and they do not plan to leave their loved ones.  They would strongly deny that they were planning their death.  But it is all part of a plan much further beyond our knowledge and understanding.  Therefore, the only way to look at it with our limited human minds is logically with all emotions removed.


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Post by Phuoc Sun Aug 27, 2023 2:05 pm

Our own body is constantly processing and delivering information to our brain and central nervous system.  Our DNA also processes information.  It was made clear that we must go through countless lives, both on Earth and other planets.  We must, while on Earth, experience every from of life (rocks, plants, animals) before evolving to the human stage.  Then when we reach the human stage, we must experience everything in life (rich/poor, male/female, live on every continent, be every race and religion, etc.) before we have completed that cycle.

In between all of these lives, we go back and forth to the spirit side.  Our main purpose is to accumulate information about everything possible.  We began with God, and our goal is to return to God.  We were told that God developed this system, because God cannot learn on His own.  We, the children, are expected to return to God with all the knowledge and information we have accumulated throughout all our experiences.  In this way, we are like cells in the body of God.

Thus, what I am learning from the aliens and these other more advanced, or more aware, beings is that they have a more active part in the assimilation of information.  They are also recording and accumulating, for various purposes.  We have learned of ETs recording.  This is one of the purposes of the implants that people have the incorrect impression of.  They are recording everything the person sees, hears and feels, and transmitting it into giant computer banks, for want of a better word.  These computer banks are directly linked to the historical records of our civilization in the higher councils.  Sometimes entire planets are recording devices. It is also active in our own solar system, with our Sun as a main recording device.  It is not inconceivable that our own planet is sending out its own experiences and reactions to the damage that is occuring to it at this time in our history.  The Earth is, after all, a living being.

It appears that this is a common theme or pattern throughout; from the tiniest cell in our body to the entire universe.  From the microcosm to the macrocosm, information is being transmitted and stored.  The only logical explanation is that the final destination of all of this information could only be God, the Source.  Similar to a gigantic computer, He is accumulating data.  For what purpose, we can only speculate.  But it was becoming more and more obvious that this is what is occuring.



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Post by Phuoc Sun Aug 27, 2023 2:14 pm

This has been repeated in several of my books: that many beings throughout the universe are watching what is occuring now on Earth.  This is because it is considered different.  It is the first time any planet or civilization has gone through the events that are happening now.  They are curious to see how it will work out.  It has been said that it is also the first time an entire planet will reach the level where it will increase its frequency and vibration to allow it to shift en masse into another dimension.  Many other beings are aware of the "drama" that is being played out here, and like watching a movie on TV show, they want to see the conclusion.  We are unconsciously supplying the dialogue, situations and script for the actors upon the stage of the galaxy.  And as she said, "It is the best show there is."


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Post by Phuoc Sun Aug 27, 2023 4:07 pm

Our minds are capable fo anything.  We don't realize how much power we really have.  We are so used to people placing limitations on us.  We can create anything we want in life.  We can heal our bodies.  We can have it all.  All we have to do is remove the limitations we and others have placed upon ourselves.  We have to see how powerful we really are.  Then we have to believe! Believe and trust.  No one can take our power away from us unless we allow it.  It is now time in our world to reclaim these abilities that were commonplace in generations past.  Our world is going through dramatic changes and we need to change to go with it. We will need all of our powers (psychic and otherwise) returned to us.  In the new world, the new Earth, this will be as common and natural as breathing.  This is why we are being awakened now.  Everything is falling into place, and we all have our parts to play.


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Post by Phuoc Sun Aug 27, 2023 5:07 pm

There is a lot of mixed energy in crowds.  You have to be careful to put up protection before going out in crowds.  Sometimes the energy of crowds can latch onto you.  If it does, it's draining.  You feel very tired.  There are so many people that are hungry for energy, because their vibrations are not high enough for them to produce a good quality of energy.  So when they find and sense someone with a high vibration they will latch on to that energy, and use that energy.  

Your body has an intelligence.  Listen to your body.  Talk to it regularly.  It likes that.  It likes to be recognized.  Magnesium is very important for the body.  With giving so much energy out, magnesium makes it easier for you to absorb more energy into yourself.


Animals and plants belong to a different type of soul group than humans.  Where the humans seems to be acting as an individual, plants and animals are joined in a common bond as a group soul that interacts on a more subtle level.  


I found some of the most fascinating animal lives were those of insects.  I had a client experience a life as a spider, and she described the way she was able to see.  As you know, spiders have several eyes, I found out that they do not use them all at the same time.  When the spider saw movement in one of the eyes, that would be the one it focused on.  It was the same thing when another woman regressed to a life as a fly.  Their eyes are also multi-faceted, a andgain are similar to many TV screens.  The client said, "Otherwise it would be a jumble of information.  I select what I want, and disregard the rest."  How clever!


I had many other cases where the subjects went to lives as a flower, an ear of corn, a rock.  A man wanted to go back to his first life on Earth.  He went to the time when the Earth did not have life yet.  The ground was unstable, volcanoes were erupting and spewing all types of gases and chemicals into the air.  The Earth had not reached the point that it had cooled down enough to support life. The man saw himself as air.  He was aware of himself and his function, and was able to communicate with me.  His job at that time was to help filter the dangerous chemicals (especially ammonia) from the air, so that life would be able to survive when it emerged from the "primeval soup" at the beginning of creation of life on Earth.  When he was not doing his job he would fly in and out of the flowing lava, just to see what it felt like.  I followed his progression as he went from that state to the various lifeforms (plants and sea creatures) as they began to emerge.  All of this would have taken eons of time.  After that experience, I was open to anything that my subjects would tell me.  It showed me that nothing, no form of life, is impossible.



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THE NEW EARTH by Dolores Cannon

This entire book has focused on the volunteers who have come to Earth at this time to participate in the shifting into the New Earth. Just what is this New Earth that they are all talking about? How will we know when we get there? Will we notice any difference? The information about the New Earth has come forth gradually over the past five or more years. I have accumulated the bits and pieces from hundreds of clients, and it took a long time to see a pattern emerging.

"They" want us to know more because it is coming soon. And it will be a momentous event.  But now we can see and feel the effects all around us as the world prepares to shift into a new dimension.

"They" said that we will notice the physical effects more as the frequencies and vibrations increase. Many of us can sense on another level of our being that something is happening. With the changes subtly going on around us, our physical bodies must also change in order to adjust. Some of these physical symptoms are unpleasant and cause concern. "You will see and notice that as the frequency of the planet continues to raise in terms of its vibration, you will have less difficulty with symptoms of energy blockages."

During the sessions, my clients are warned repeatedly to stop eating meats (beef and pork especially), mainly because of the additives and chemicals that are being fed to the animals. They said they deposit chemicals and artificial components in our organs that will remain there for as long as six months. It is extremely difficult to filter and remove them from the body. We were especially cautioned against eating animal protein, and fried foods which act as an irritant to the body. "These act as aggravators to your system after many years of misuse. We do not mean to be judgmental, but the body is built for a certain type of vehicular traffic. The body cannot ascend in frequency to higher dimensional realms if the density and the toxins are polluting the environment of the human body."

One of the indications that the frequency and vibration is occurring, is the speeding up and shortening of time.

We will ascend to the other dimension by raising our consciousness, the vibration and frequency of our body. At first, you can continue in a physical body for a while. Then as you gradually discover it is no longer necessary, the physical body dissolves into Light, and you live with a body made of light or pure energy. This sounds very similar to several cases in my books where the subject saw a being that glowed and was composed of pure energy. They have evolved beyond the need for a physical limiting body, and we will do this also when we reach that stage. So in many cases, when the being ascends, they take the physical body with them. But this is only a temporary situation and the shedding and letting go of the body depends on the level of understanding the being has reached. We do tend to hold on to the familiar, but eventually see that even though we were able to take it with us, the body is too limiting and confining for the new reality in the new dimension. When we reach this new dimension, the new body of light or energy will never die. This is what the Bible meant when it referred to "Eternal Life."

The spirit side or the in-between lives state, where I have found that we go when we die in this lifetime, is like a recycling center. It leads back to another life on Earth because there is still karma to be worked out, or something that needs to be attended to. People keep returning because they have not completed their lessons or their cycles. By raising the consciousness, the frequency and vibration, there is no need to return to that place (the in-between state). It can be transcended by going to the place where everyone is eternal, and there is no reason for recycling. We can remain there forever. This is probably the place many of my subjects refer to as "home." The place they deeply miss and desire to return to. When they see it during the regressions they become very emotional because they have been deeply longing for it, yet not consciously knowing it existed.


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Those Left Behind

More information about how our bodies and the entire world will go through the dimensional shift process, and it will be undetected by those around who do not

make the shift or change:

“Our bodies and everything around us are now increasing their vibratory rate and adjusting to a new frequency. Every cell of the body begins to vibrate at such a fast rate that it turns into light. When this begins, the temperature of the body increases and the body starts to glow with light. When every cell is vibrating at a very high rate, you will disappear from normal vision and move into a higher dimensional reality. This is because the body has moved in vibration beyond the third dimension and is now vibrating on a much higher dimensional level. This then means that you will not go through the death process, as you will then have a Light Body. Aging will not exist for you, and you will have stepped into the next dimensional reality. You can then access the next stage of spiritual evolution.”

“They” have emphasized that this has happened down through time to certain individuals and small groups of people. But what makes it unique now, is that it will be the first time that an entire planet will make the shift into another dimension. This will be the new Earth and the new world. This is described in the Bible as the new heaven and the new Earth. The others who are not ready, will be left behind (just as it says in the Bible) to continue to live out their karma. They will not even be aware that anything has happened. Those who have not become enlightened, will have to return to another, denser planet that is still involved with negativity, to work out their remaining karma. They will not be allowed to come to the “new Earth” because their vibration will not match.

The Earth is a living being. She has been evolving just as we are, albeit at a much slower rate. She is now preparing to move into her next incarnation, which will happen when she raises her vibrations and frequencies to take her into another higher dimension. She has tolerated humans living on her since the beginning, and it doesn’t matter to her whether we go with her or not. She is moving regardless, and if we choose to go, it is our decision. We have created such a nuisance that she would rather we didn’t go with her. We are like fleas on a dog, and it is obvious that we have caused great damage and distress to this beautiful planet. So if we want to go with her on this next adventure then we have to make changes in ourselves. Our frequency and vibration must be raised, or we will be left behind.


It is up to the people on Earth at the present time to each make their personal decision of which path they want to follow. The energy is present and becoming stronger. It is physically affecting our bodies. Our own frequency and vibration is being altered. But I believe it is still up to us what we decide, which Earth we gravitate toward because of our free will. The main difference here is that “they” said this has never happened on such a grand scale before. Never in the history of the universe has an entire planet changed its frequency and vibration to shift into another dimension. That is why it is said to be the greatest show in the universe, and everyone from many different galaxies and dimensions are watching to see what is going to happen. Are we going to be able to do it? Are we going to be able to pull it off?

The train is leaving the station. It is taking us to a great adventure that has never been experienced on this scale before. It is up to each individual whether they get onboard or remain standing on the platform. The volunteers who have fulfilled their purpose are ready to go “home.” All aboard!! And remember, you are never alone.


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The Walked with Jesus by Dolores Cannon


This book is the story of two women’s separate encounters with Jesus in a past lifetime. Their memories add valuable pieces to the forgotten and distorted story that has come down to us through time. It helps us to better understand and appreciate this Jesus, who was foremost a man and a human being with complex and very real feelings and emotions. He was certainly a master teacher who understood the mysteries of the universe and attempted to reveal them to mortals of his time. As he said, “These things shall ye do and more.” But he was also a human,  we have that rare opportunity to see him as the people of his own day saw him. It paints a picture of him that is deeply personal and real. Maybe at last the true Jesus can be seen and appreciated as the marvelous human that he was.


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Post by Phuoc Mon Aug 28, 2023 4:32 pm

The interpretation of the Biblical stories of Jesus and his disciples gives the impression that they followed him from place to place listening and trying to learn from him. To me, this version sounds more like what might have actually taken place. It would be commonsense for Jesus to surround himself with people who had many talents, so they could work with the people they came in contact with in practical ways. After all, they were all living in the real world that was full of hardships. It also shows that Jesus did not expect to perform miracles constantly. He took physicians (men and women) with him to use their healing powders and potions. He did not rely on his powers alone. Our Biblical version has always painted him as being omnipotent, needing no one. I believe he was much more human than we have ever given him credit for. If he needed no one, then he could have repaired the buildings miraculously also. The disciples and followers did all they could to help, and did not sit idly by watching the master perform his works.

D = Dolores, A = Anna
D: It sounds as if Jesus surrounds himself with many different kinds of people on his journeys.

A: Yes. They usually seek him out also. Many of them feel a need to be of service and to give, in the capacity that they can do best. So they always seem to be there at the right time, and he ends up with the people he needs.

D:  Does John have any particular duties?

A:  He seems to be very close to Jesus, and he seems to try to be the other eyes and ears for him. He keeps things connected so people who need to see him get to see him and to be sure he gets to the gatherings. John organizes many of the activities or meetings.

D:  You mean he goes ahead of the group and sets these things up?

A: Sometimes he does that, depending on the type of journey. But once we get to a location, he seems to keep our schedule organized, making sure things get done, and bringing to the attention of the Nazarene anything he needs to know.

D: Then he’ll know when someone wants to have a meeting or a gathering.

This was another practical idea not presented in the Bible. John was similar to a public relations man. Jesus could not just wander from village to village: he needed someone to go ahead and make sure everything was ready, and to check that everything was


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This was an interesting point that was brought out in this session: the fact that Jesus did not heal every person he met. This concept was also presented in Jesus and the Essenes. He was able to ease pain and suffering in the majority of those he came in contact with, but total alleviation of the symptoms and complete restoration from the illness or disability were rare. There were many times when no cure was received, and Naomi made it clear that this was not in Jesus’ hands. It was related to the person’s karma and destiny in life. Even he could not go against the higher forces controlling such things.


This was spoken slowly with breaks, as though she was hearing him speak the words and then repeating them to me in broken phrases.

D:  Then he has no fear of these rumors or these people who are against him?

A:  No. It will not make any difference in what he does with his life, because he knows he walks with God. And God grows from within. That eternal light is not only in the Temple, but eternal light is in the heart. And that eternal flame never dies, even though you leave the physical being. So he will continue walking and teaching what he believes is right. He will teach what he believes is his reason for existing.

The eternal light referred to was a light that was never extinguished located in the inner court of the Temple.


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During this session I felt that I, through this unique method of researching history, was allowed a rare privilege of actually attending one of Jesus’ gatherings. I felt I was among those present who were learning from the master, and I could see how these teachings were radically different from the orthodox teachings of his day. It was obvious that it took a great deal of courage for these early believers to follow him, because there was much real danger involved. But I was also able to see the charismatic ability he projected in order to put their fears to rest. I was able to feel the quality he possessed that inspired so many people to follow him, so they could learn more about his unusual teachings. Unusual, yes, but they seemed to fill a void in their lives that was not being filled by the traditional teachings of the rabbis of their day.


A Vision of Jesus' Death

Amazingly, in this session Anna supplied missing parts of a story that she consciously didn’t even know. When Jesus decided to return to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, his disciples feared for his safety, but the Bible never makes it clear why. Now it was obvious why they didn’t want him to return. He had already been exposed to torture and near-death several times. He was safe if he stayed in the Nazareth area because that was Philip’s (Herod Antipas’ brother) domain, and he was beyond the power of the Jerusalem authorities. From Capernaum he could also easily avoid Herod Antipas. The Romans did not normally send their troops that far away from their stronghold in Jerusalem. He could also find privacy in these smaller towns, if he desired it for himself and his disciples. He could be more open in his teachings in these communities, away from the larger cities. But in some areas, such as the meetings in the caves around the Sea of Galilee, he knew he had to be more careful, because of the possible presence of spies. This must have been John’s job to speak with the organizers of the meetings, to know which areas would pose a danger, in which case hidden meeting places would have to be arranged. Jesus did not go blindly into these areas. He had information concerning the group’s safety before John would allow him to enter. He was safe in the village of the lepers because this was a place to be shunned, and only selfless devoted people like his group would have the courage and the caring to go there. In such places he had no worry about being overheard by spies planted by Rome. He could relax and live a seemingly normal life. This was probably why he sought out these isolated towns.

In Jerusalem there were many diverse nationalities and religions, and many had difficulty understanding Jesus’ teachings. Even among the Jews there was a variety of spiritual and mental outlooks, even heathen. Among all these were nationalists, often natives of Galilee, to whom God and people, God and Jerusalem, God and the Temple, were inseparable objects. They burned with indignation over everything which was not in accord with this unity. Against this background, Jesus was perceived as not national enough for the nationalists, too old-fashioned for the Sadducees, too modern and liberal for the Pharisees, and too strict for the ordinary people of the street. He had a difficult time trying to be all things to all people.

In Jesus’ time the only education was “education in religion”. They were taught that the Law of Moses was the most important teaching and the only thing they were expected to base their life and their thinking on. Jews were not taught to think for themselves, or to question the rabbis or the priests. In Jerusalem Jesus was viewed with suspicion, because he was asking people to go against the only teaching they had ever been exposed to. He was asking them to listen to a totally different way of thinking, and many were incapable of doing so. It was much easier to present his new and radical ideas to those in the outlying towns who were open to listening to ideas that were contrary to their upbringing.

It was not easy for people to listen and accept concepts that were totally opposite to everything they had been taught all their life. Many considered him a dangerous radical, and his teachings the ramblings of a madman. Historians claim that Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount could never have been preached in the Jerusalem area, because that city was a hot-bed of tradition. The sermon presented the opportunity to the listeners to look beyond tradition and the exact letter of the Law, 156 They Walked with Jesus

to a new and enlarged application of old sayings and truths. Such a state of mind would not have generally been found in Judaea at that time, but was exactly what could be expected in the region of Capernaum.

Jesus had turned the rabbis, priests and traditional Jews against him because he thought the priests in the Temple concentrated too much on rituals and the performance of ceremonies. They did not look at the problems and concerns of the people. Jesus saw that there was a greater conflict than the one between Rome’s tyranny and the Jewish belief that they were the chosen people of God.

The people in Palestine had real cause to be afraid of the Romans. During Jesus’ lifetime, at the beginning of the reign of Herod Antipas, some Jews tried a rebellion. It was put down by the superior strength of the Romans, and two thousand Jews were crucified as punishment. The people lived with the oppression of a harsh ruler, but their hope for a redeemer, a Messiah, a savior, to lead them out of it, showed that they were desiring an overthrow of the existing government and a return of their lost freedoms.

The Zealots used these emotions to fuel their cause. They thought that Jesus would be the new king in the literal sense, and that he would side with them in a real war to free the country. His mild ways and talk of love angered them, because they expected violence to be the answer. Judas Iscariot is now recognized as probably belonging to the Zealots. This was one of the reasons behind his betrayal of Christ: he thought he could force Jesus into a situation where he would have to fight, and the rest of the people would join him. The Romans were very aware of the volatile situation in Jerusalem. and the possible danger presented by anyone who might appear as a leader.

When Jesus entered the city on Palm Sunday, exalted by the cheering throng, the Romans knew they would have to get rid of him by any means. His popularity had grown to a threat that menaced them. The people were acknowledging him as the long awaited Messiah who would lead them from bondage and slavery to the Romans. He was the man who would lift the yoke. The authorities saw that this man Jesus could be the one to stir the people into rebellion. This gentle man could no longer be tolerated. He would have to be eliminated.

My research revealed that the underground area of Jerusalem is riddled with old passageways and secret chambers. These areas, and sections of two walls, are the only parts that remain of the original Biblical city. There were many chambers beneath the site of the Temple. Some of these were used by Roman soldiers to provide secret access from their fortress at the corner of the Temple wall to other areas, as a means of defense. It is logical to assume this was the area Naomi refers to, where Jesus was taken to be questioned and tortured, in the hope he would be intimidated into giving up his radical teachings.

The ravine into which Naomi said he was thrown was mentioned in all the historical data referring to the ancient city. At the time of Jesus the city was divided by a ravine called the Tyropoeon Valley, spanned by a bridge. On the east side of the enormously high Temple wall lay the Kedron ravine or Kedron Valley, which was also spanned by a bridge from the Mount of Olives. Josephus said this valley was so deep you could not see the bottom when looking down from this wall. According to the historical research Jesus’ brother James was murdered there, when he was thrown from the wall down into the ravine. This occurred in the turbulent time following Jesus’ death on the cross. These valleys no longer exist.

If Jesus was able to survive the torture and death attempts of the Romans, then it should be obvious that he could have escaped being arrested and crucified. He died only because he chose to do so. As Jesus says in the Bible, (John 10:17-18) “I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.” If he had not decided it was his time to ascend, and it was not fitting into the pattern of his life, then he would not have allowed the Romans to kill him. It appears from this story that he had great control over his body, even to the extent that he could survive what would have killed others who were not so developed. He knew and understood his mission to the point that he could control the time and method of his death.


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Naomi ‘s Story of the Crucifixion

As the story progressed it looked as though Naomi would not be present in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified because he had told her to stay in the village. I really believe she would not have wanted to be present anyway. It would have been extremely difficult and heart-wrenching for anyone who had been closely associated with him to watch such a horrible spectacle. She appeared to be as sensitive and caring as real-life Anna is now, and she couldn’t have observed such a scene. But I thought she would surely hear the news and the different tales and versions of what happened. We could learn much from these accounts. I used Anna’s keyword and counted her back through time.

D:  Alright. Let’s move ahead to the morning when he is getting ready to leave. Did you see him before he left?

A: (Sadly, almost crying) Yes. There are a few people that are leaving with him. (Softly, almost inaudible:) And... I... I am just having some trouble, (she began to cry) because I know.. I know his path is going to be filled with pain and accusations. And yet I look at him, and his eyes are so kind and loving. I see the golden glow from his heart center and around his head. (Her voice broke). And I can't begin to find the words. It is hard to see him leave this time.


A:  (She regained composure) They felt what he was saying was not filled with any truth, and that he had been lying to everyone. They said he could not perform miracles. They tried to force him to perform miracles. And he could not. And then there was rioting. His followers, his handful of followers were fighting the soldiers in the street. And there were people trampled and dying.

D:  Do you mean his followers were fighting with the Romans over what they were saying?

A:  His followers were trying to protect him.

D:  To keep him from being arrested, you mean?

A:  Yes, and there weren’t enough of them.

D: Then some of them were dying on the streets?

A:  Yes. The soldiers started fighting, and then the town went crazy. People were being trampled and the soldiers were just going after anybody.

D:  You said they tried to make him perform miracles and he couldn’t. Do you think he couldn’t or he just wouldn’t?

A:  I think... (firmly) I think they would have found a way to kill him, no matter what. I think he knew that miracles can happen for anyone. But if they don * believe that they can be healed or things can be changed, it will not happen. He couldn't make a blind man see if the blind man didn’t want to see. Or if there is something else that the blind man was supposed to be doing.

D:  I guess it was a test they were giving him.

A:  test that was meant for him to fail, and he knew it. He made that trip knowing the outcome. He knew what was going to happen. They would not have made a test that he could have survived. They felt too threatened.

D:  It would be hard to perform miracles in that kind of atmosphere anyway.

A:  Yes. And also he was not walking among the people for this purpose. So they put him on a... it was a trial but it was a mockery. And then they planned his... death.

D:  Do you know how he was killed? (Naomi uttered a deep sigh). I know this is disturbing for you to answer these questions, but I just want to know what you were told.

A:  Well, they kill people... they make wooden crosses. (‘Crosses’ seemed to be an unfamiliar word to Naomi). This is how they put people to death... in the worst way in these times. They put up these wooden crosses and they nail people there. And they let them die. They kill people, many people, this way. Especially those they want to make an example for others. They want to make sure they can control the masses by fear.

D:  That sounds like an awful way to do it. Have you heard any other stories of what happened at that time?

A:  I have heard many stories. I don't know what is really true. But some people say that they saw him die up on that cross, and yet they saw him appear to them the following evening or the next day. And then I have also heard that they couldn't find his body. I have heard many things.

D:  Did you talk to anyone who was actually there when he died?

A:  Yes. I talked to people who saw him up on the cross.

D:  Did they tell you anything that happened while he was dying?

A:  They said that somehow he was able to control the pain. That is wonderful. Then you know he didn’t suffer.

A:  I heard someone say they saw the same kind of glow that I saw from his heart center and from his head. They saw the same golden lights. They also saw that when he was taken down from the wooden hanging, that there was a calmness over his face. (Reflective pause) But I have heard that people saw him appear afterwards.

D:  Was he hanging there long? I’ve heard it takes a long time to die that way.

A:  I don't remember in time. I don't remember...

D:  But he was able to control the pain.

A:  Yes. I heard that from a number of people. They were surprised at how calm he was. It was as if he was not there. (Pause) By the morning he was... I know they had him down by early dawn.

This same statement, about Jesus not suffering and apparently not feeling pain, was reported in Jesus and the Essenese. It was as though he removed himself, maybe by going out of his body. However he did it, he was advanced enough to know how to separate himself from what his body was experiencing. It is also reported that he died in a vastly shorter time than crucifixion normally takes. So he apparently had complete control over his physical body.

D: You said you heard people say they couldn’t find his body?

A:  That ’s what I have heard.

D:  What did you hear about that?

A:  I heard they had put his body to rest and covered it over. And that there were soldiers guarding.

D:  Why were the soldiers there?

A:  I think the Romans were very much afraid of his followers and of the reputation he had. They were getting worried. So, I guess they thought he was a prisoner of the government.

A:  Even after he died?

D:  Yes. I think they were filled with so much fear because he had gained so much control. That is why they could not let him live any longer. I heard that the followers were going to come and get the body.

D:  That’s why they had soldiers there?

A:  Yes. But I heard that when they went to take the cover off, the body was not there. This is what I have heard (chuckling, as though it was absurd). J don t know. The soldiers went to check. I think the followers and the family finally were allowed to see the body. And I think that eventually the government might have given the body to the family. But they went to check, and they said the body was gone. I don t know what might have really happened. They could have drugged the soldiers or made them drunk. The followers could have taken the body. They might have done many things to make it appear that the body had disappeared on its own.

A:  he hasn't talked each time. Sometimes he just appears.

D:  Do you know if he appeared to any of his followers, besides you?

A:  Yes. I heard that he appeared to them... and said that he forgave all, and that they should find the strength to live the truth and to continue the teaching of God.

D:  What do you think he meant by ‘he forgave them ? His followers?

A:  Because there was someone — there was actually more than one. He was betrayed. The Romans had to know how to trick him in front of the public.

D:  What is the story you've heard about that?

A:  The Romans found followers that they could pay off through power or wealth.

D:  I would not have thought any of his followers would do that.

A:  There were many people who claimed to be followers, but men can be readily tempted when it comes to making their own personal life easier. And not many regret it later.

D:  How did they betray him?

A:  They gave the Romans information that would serve to set up a plan of trickery, to be able to accuse him, as well as to be able to have him fail. They came up with the idea of presenting a challenge that they knew would fail. They would have somebody not be healed and a miracle not happen. They knew how to make it appear before the public that the Nazarene was not real. That this man was against the people. There was a huge crowd gathered, and the Roman soldiers started to question the Nazarene in public and to accuse him and make him seem like a fool. And there was a large crowd. When he could not do what they asked, then they yelled, ‘He has not done any of the things that people say he has. He is some sort of a... demon *. They turned the crowd into a mob. It was a riot.

D:  But you told me one time that they had tried these kinds of tests before, and Jesus was able to expose them. Why didn’t he do it this time?

A:  He knew this was his time. This was how he was supposed to ascend. He knew this when he had his own turning on him. He knew that the people, the masses, were not ready for his ways of truth and life. He knew there was a small group of people that would continue his work. But he knew this was far too brutal and primitive a world, so he had served his purpose. He had, at this time, done what he could do. And it was his time to work from a different area.

D:  Did you hear any other stories of people seeing him after he died?

A:  Yes. As the months went on I started hearing that he had appeared in some of the smaller villages that he used to go to, where his following was. And... I hear these things but I... they say that he has performed healings and miracles. I know that people have probably seen him, but I wonder if amongst his followers, if they are living through their heart and living the truth, if they are probably doing their own healings. And feeling that, because they have seen him, he has performed the miracles. But I think in seeing him it has given them strength and faith to continue.


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Post by Phuoc Mon Aug 28, 2023 5:55 pm

D:  But didn’t you say your father was the Nazarene’s brother?

A:  He was a half-brother, but he varied in some of his beliefs. I think after what they went through with how he died, and knowing that he was accused of things that were not true, they lost part of their heart. They are just making motions, and going through life right now, it seems.

D:  Yes, I can understand that. Can you ask them if they were there when he died?

She spoke slowly as though she might have asked them, they were answering, and she was repeating.

A:  (Sadly) They saw him up on the cross. And they prayed. My father said there was a time when he looked up, and their eyes met. He said he felt... he felt a warmth and a love. (Emotionally) And it was not of this world, he said.

D:  Can you ask him if anything unusual or out-of-theordinary happened? (Her facial expression showed emotion). What?

A:  Well... (deep sigh) he said... and it is as if I am seeing it through my father ’s eyes. He said that when they took him down he saw a vision of his brother in a clean robe, as if in another body... (crying) as if the physical body went one way, and this other body that appeared as he knew it when it was whole and healthy, went another way. He saw the same thing I saw on the road. (Tearfully) And he described the same thing and the same feeling.

D:  Ask him if he heard the tales that the body had disappeared? Does he know anything about that?

A:  Yes. He said that the following morning they were going to get his body. And they opened the granite lid, and he said the body was gone.

D:  He saw that it was gone?

A:  Yes, but he really doesn’t know how to explain it. Because, like me, he said many things could have happened, between the soldiers and some of his closer followers and the religious people. My father feels, after what he had seen at the cross, that the physical body had no meaning. But he said there was no body.

D:  Was anyone else with your father when he went there?

A:  He said some of the followers that walked with the Nazarene. There were maybe a dozen of them.

D:  What did the soldiers think when the body was gone?

A:  At first the soldiers were in shock. Then they became angry, because they knew they would be held responsible for whatever happened. But there was definite shock, because they had no idea how the body disappeared.

D:  Then it would seem that they didn’t have anything to do with it.

A:  No. I believe there are various kinds of herbs or spices you can mix in food or drink, and make people sleep. So I don t know. There were many ways this could have occurred. The soldiers have no memory of anything, so they say.

D:  Yes, that sounds possible. Could someone have slipped by them then and got to the body?

A:  I think it might have happened.

D:  The place where he was wasn’t sealed or anything?

A:  He was placed in a tomb, and then this tomb was guarded by the soldiers. So it would have taken some planning to do this, if the body did not disappear on its own.

D:  Is that possible, do you think?

A:  I do not think so.

D:  That would be very strange.

A:  Yes. I don t know what the government, the followers, the religious leaders, or whoever might have done this, were planning.

D:  Yes. But anyway, the body was gone. I thought the tomb might have been sealed so no one could get in.

A:  It was supposed to be that way. But... it would have taken more than two people to get that top off the tomb. It was heavy. So something was planned.

....................End of this book...............


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